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J. Dodsley., 1855 - History
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Page 61 - March next, that so both we and our people may humble ourselves before Almighty God, in order to obtain pardon of our sins, and in the most devout and solemn manner send up our prayers and supplications to the Divine Majesty, for imploring His blessing and assistance on our arms, for the restoration of...
Page 176 - Some of the bodies had been buried (probably those of the first victims of famine) ; some were in a tent or tents ; others under the boat, which had been turned over to form a shelter, and several lay scattered about in different directions.
Page 163 - The debate then ended, and the Bill was read a third time and passed. In the House of Lords, on the first of...
Page 414 - Juan in open defiance of the State or States of Central America, which upon their becoming independent had rightfully succeeded to the local sovereignty and jurisdiction of Spain. These adventurers undertook to change the name of the place from San Juan del Norte to Greytown, and though at first pretending to act as the subjects of the fictitious sovereign of the Mosquito Indians...
Page 253 - Majesty feels called upon, by regard for an ally, the integrity and independence of whose empire have been recognised as essential to the peace of Europe, by the sympathies of her people with right against wrong, by a desire to avert from her dominions most injurious consequences, and to save Europe from the preponderance of a Power which has violated the faith of treaties, and defies the opinion of the civilized world, to take up arms in conjunction with the Emperor of the French, for the defence...
Page 243 - England and France have sided with the enemies of Christianity, against Russia combating for the orthodox faith. But Russia will not betray her holy mission ; and, if enemies infringe her frontiers, we are ready to meet them with the firmness bequeathed to us by our forefathers.
Page 407 - The past has been an eventful year, and will be hereafter referred to as a marked epoch in the history of the world. While we have been happily preserved from the calamities of war, our domestic prosperity has not been entirely uninterrupted. The crops in portions of the country have been nearly cut off. Disease has prevailed to a greater extent than usual, and the sacrifice of human life through casualties by sea and land is without parallel.
Page 107 - Whereas it is expedient to amend the laws relating to the representation of the people in England...
Page 408 - This rapid growth has resulted from the legitimate exercise of sovereign rights, belonging alike to all nations, and by many liberally exercised. Under such circumstances, it could hardly have been expected that those among them, which have, within a comparatively recent period, subdued and absorbed ancient kingdoms, planted their standards on every continent, and now possess, or claim the control of, the islands of every ocean as their appropriate domain , would look with unfriendly sentiments upon...
Page 253 - Flunket was, in the month of June, 1827, raised to the peerage of the United Kingdom by the title of Baron Plunket, being at the same time appointed Chief Justice of the Common Pleas in Ireland ; and in that important office he continued till the close of the Wellington Administration, a period of somewhat more than three years.

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