Plantation Rubber and the Testing of Rubber

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Longmans, Green and Company, 1920 - Rubber - 559 pages
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Page 396 - ... working may decrease the specific surface of the particles, and so the internal friction of a solution containing them. Until we are in a position to make reliable molecular weight determinations it will be impossible to pass a final judgment on this question. VISCOSITY OF RUBBER AND RUBBER SOLUTIONS The extension — by applying a load — of a piece of solid rubber is in its general mechanical aspects very similar to the non-turbulent flow of a liquid through a narrow conductor. The effect...
Page 224 - ... of C, the latter must contribute to A and B the excess they have paid above their share. But if, on the other hand, the stock of A is lawfully pledged, while that of B and C is unlawfully pledged, there is no obligation on the part of B and C to contribute, for there is no common burden as between A, on the one side, and B and C, on the other. The principle applies only in cases where the situations of the parties are equal as equality among persons whose situations are not equal is not equitable.
Page 144 - ... extent. These formations are too well known to need present characterization ; and they are now known to constitute the most extensive and definite taxonomic horizon that has been recognized among the mesozoic formations of this continent. Furthermore, the marine molluscan...
Page xv - Mededeelingen van den Rijksvoorlichtingsdienst ten behoeve van den rubberhandel en de rubbernijverheid te Delft.
Page 505 - Mémoire sur une résine élastique, nouvellement découverte à Cayenne par M. Fresneau; et sur l'usage de divers sucs laiteux d'arbres de la Guiane ou France équinoctiale," 1751 (Paris, 1755), 319-333 and pis.
Page 48 - Fermentation takes precedence over putrefaction;" 1 that is to say, bacteria in general which can utilize both carbohydrate and protein, act upon the former in preference to the latter when both are present in the same medium. In view of the confusion attending the use of the terms putrefaction and fermentation, they must be sharply defined. By fermentation is meant "the action of microorganisms upon carbohydrate,' and by putrefaction is meant "the action of microorganisms upon nitrogenous substances.
Page 214 - ... stresses are so small as to fall within the limits of elasticity. Within these limits we may without serious inaccuracy take the strain as being proportional to the stress and as disappearing when the stress is removed. Strictly speaking, absolute proportionality of strain to stress is never found, and probably there is no stress, however small, that does not produce some permanent effect. There is always some slight hysteresis or lagging in the relation of strain to stress, which shows itself...
Page 268 - Influence of Cross Section on Tensile Strength and Elongation. — Tensile strength and ultimate elongation are theoretically independent of sectional area, but as in other materials there is a tendency for small test pieces to develop higher unit values than large ones. Complete data on this subject is not at hand, but it is thought that test pieces one-fourth inch and one-half inch wide will show but little difference in unit strength and elongation, provided the serface is uniform and the wider...

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