Biennial Report, Volumes 1-2

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1911 - Roads
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Page 22 - State treasury, not otherwise appropriated, payable upon the vouchers of the warden of the penitentiary and approved by the said Board of Commissioners upon warrants drawn by the State Auditor for the purpose of paying the necessary extra guards and foremen, and for the purchase of tools, implements, blasting materials, supplies and equipments necessary in the prosecuting of said work and for transportation.
Page 22 - Boards of County Commissioners of the several counties of this State are hereby authorized to levy and appropriate money for purposes of...
Page 17 - ... mixed with clean material. Laying the Gravel. On the roadbed properly prepared a layer of the prepared gravel four inches thick is uniformly spread over the whole width, then compacted with a roller weighing not less than two tons, and having a length of not less than thirty inches. The rolling must be continued until the pebbles cease to rise or creep in front of the roller. The surface must be moistened by sprinkling in advance of the roller, but too much water must not be used. Successive...
Page 22 - Convict labor may be utilized in providing road material and also actual construction. Prisoners in the county jail may be required to work on the county roads under regulations made by the board of county commissioners, and prisoners in the state prison may be required to work on the State roads.
Page 22 - Section 2. Control of convict labor. When State Prison convicts are used in the construction or improvement of any State road the work shall be under the authority and control of the State Road Commission, the State Board of Corrections and the Warden of the Utah State Prison, subject to the provisions of Section 5 of this Act.
Page 22 - Acts in conflict with the provisions of this Act are hereby repealed. SECTION 10. This Act shall take effect and be in force from and after the first day of August, 1899.
Page 22 - Commission and who shall have in addition thereto his actual and necessary traveling expenses while actually engaged in the discharge of the duties of his office...
Page 22 - The sum of twenty thousand dollars is hereby appropriated out of any moneys in the state treasury not otherwise appropriated to be expended in accordance with law for the purpose of carrying out the provisions of this act.
Page 22 - ... right of way of public roads, and the construction of bridges; Provided, That all bridges shall be constructed under the supervision and in accordance with...
Page 22 - The supervision of all such work shall be under such competent persons as may be selected by the said Board of Commissioners; Provided, That no supervisor shall cause or permit any prisoner under his direction to be employed for more than eight hours of any day. [Sess. L. '07, p. 524, 4.] 102.

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