Gentleman's Magazine Library: Worcestershire. Yorkshire

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E. Stock, 1902 - England
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Page 292 - And ancient towers crown his brow, That cast an awful look below ; Whose ragged walls the ivy creeps, And with her arms from falling keeps : So both a safety from the wind On mutual dependence find. 'Tis now the raven's bleak abode ; Tis now th...
Page 141 - ELMET was a seat of the Kings of Northumberland, founded by Edwin. At Howley Hall, BATLEY, as tradition reports, Rubens visited Lord Saville, and painted for him a view of Pontefract ; and here Archbishop Usher condescended to assume the disguise of a jesuit, in order to try the controversial talents of Robert Cooke, the learned Vicar of Leeds. At BIERLEY was erected the second hot-house in the north of England. — Here is also one of the first cedars of Libanus planted in England, and a modern...
Page 171 - One thing I likid excedingly yn one of the towers, that was a study caullid Paradise, wher was a closet in the midle of 8. squares latisid aboute : and at the toppe of every square was a desk ledgid...
Page 223 - Capteyn there first of any one And rewllid and governid ther his tyme without blame But for all that as ye se he lieth under this stone " At Brankiston feld wher the kyng of Scottys was slayne He then beyng of the age of thre score and tene With the gode Duke of Northefolke that...
Page 110 - Charles II., survived to tell the tale of the dissolution of monasteries. Whitaker says, "could BRIMHAM be transported to Salisbury Plain, Stonehenge itself would be reduced to a poor and pigmy miniature." At CASTLE HOWARD is a fine collection of paintings, statues, antique busts, &c. In the park is a stately obelisk, upward of 100 feet high, in the centre of four avenues. The magnificent mausoleum is a circular edifice crowned with a dome, and surrounded by a handsome colonnade of Doric pillars....
Page 310 - Hamelac, now Helmsley, surrounded by steep hills, and covered with wood and ling, near the angles of three different vales, with each a rivulet running through them, that passing by where the abbey was built, being called Rie, whence this vale took its name ; and this religious house was thence called the Abbey of Rie-val.
Page 375 - Under it were found three eculls and a quantity of human bones. A small MS. written on vellum was found, about the size of a bank-note. The writing was contained within a scroll surmounted by three heads, the centre one larger than the others, and two feet were also drawn with spurs affixed to the heels. It was supposed to have been a grant from some baronial court, of a house to the monastery.
Page 25 - The Scots whom God delivered into your hands at Dunbar," says Cotton, " and whereof sundry were sent hither, — we have been desirous, as we could to make their yoke easy. Such as were sick of the scurvy, or other diseases, have not wanted physic and chirurgery.
Page 153 - ... four children — one daughter and three sons. Jane, her eldest, died very young, and was buried in a vault in the parish church of St. Nicholas, in Newcastle-uponTyne.

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