The Naturalisation of the Supernatural

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G. P. Putnam's sons, 1908 - Parapsychology - 374 pages
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Page 102 - Have you ever, when completely awake, had a vivid impression of seeing or being touched by a living being or inanimate object, or of hearing a voice; which impression, so far as you could discover, was not due to any external physical cause?
Page 5 - An examination of the nature and extent of any influence which may be exerted by one mind upon another, otherwise than through the recognised sensory channels.
Page 333 - Each of us is in reality an abiding psychical entity far more extensive than he knows — an individuality which can never express itself completely through any corporeal manifestation. The Self manifests through the organism ; but there is always some part of the Self unmanifested; and always, as it seems, some power of organic expression in abeyance or reserve.
Page 205 - Listen, oh my son ! There is no wisdom equal unto the belief in God ! He created the world, and shall we liken ourselves unto him in seeking to penetrate into the mysteries of his creation ? Shall we say, Behold this star spinneth round that star, and this other star with a tail goeth and cometh in so many years ? Let it go I He, from whose hand it came, will guide and direct it...
Page 1 - From the recorded testimony of many competent witnesses, past and present, including observations recently made by scientific men of eminence in various countries, there appears to be, amidst much illusion and deception, an important body of remarkable phenomena, which are prima facie inexplicable on any generally recognized hypothesis, and which, if incontestably established, would be of the highest possible value. The task of examining such residual phenomena has often been undertaken by individual...
Page 11 - ... that we have here reached the limit of frequency. It is known that the action of thought is accompanied by certain molecular movements in the brain, and here we have physical vibrations capable, from their extreme minuteness, of acting direct on individual molecules, while their rapidity approaches that of the internal and external movements of the atoms themselves.
Page 80 - From a study of the history connected with these facts, the reader will be able to judge for himself how far the principle of the freedom of the mind in regard to religious faith, was recognised or respected by the reformers. One more question the student should have before his mind in going through the history of this period. Admitting the right of individual judgment to be absolutely independent of all human...
Page 318 - He had a distinct recollection of having had the snake-skin, and of a box in which it was kept, though he does not know where it is now. But he altogether denied killing the cat, and could not recall Smith's field. "His memory, however, is decidedly failing him, and he was good enough to write to another brother, Frank, living in Cornwall, an old sea captain, and asked if he had any better remembrance of the facts — of course not giving any inexplicable reasons for asking.
Page 1 - It has been widely felt that the present is an opportune time for making an organized and systematic attempt to investigate that large group of debatable phenomena designated by such terms as mesmeric, psychical, and spiritistic.
Page 267 - I heard someone at the door, and went to it thinking that it might be my mother. On opening the door I saw no one, but on going a few steps along the passage I saw the figure of a tall lady dressed in black standing at the head of the stairs.

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