Gesta Romanorum, or, Entertaining moral stories tr. with preliminary observations and notes, by C. Swan, Volume 2

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Page 263 - Favours to none, to all she smiles extends; Oft she rejects, but never once offends. Bright as the sun, her eyes the gazers strike, And, like the sun, they shine on all alike. Yet graceful ease, and sweetness void of pride...
Page 447 - twas two black crows — not three." Resolved to trace so wondrous an event. Whip, to the third, the virtuoso went; "Sir" — and so forth. "Why, yes; the thing is fact, Though, in regard to number, not exact; It was not two black crows — 'twas only one; The truth 'of that you may depend upon; The gentleman himself told me the case." "Where may I find him?" "Why, in such a place." Away goes he, and, having found him out, " Sir, be so good as to resolve a doubt.
Page 446 - Two honest tradesmen meeting in the Strand, One took the other briskly by the hand ; ' Hark ye,' said he, ' 'tis an odd story this About the crows ! ' ' I don't know what it is.' Replied his friend. ' No ! I'm surprised at that, Where I come from it is the common chat. But you shall hear — an odd affair, indeed ! And that it happened, they are all agreed, Not to detain you from a thing so strange, A gentleman that...
Page 95 - ... never lost sight of. A place like this, he thought, no one could suspect ; but it happened, that while all his household slept, the sea overflowed its boundaries, broke down that side of the building where the log was situated, and carried it away. It floated many miles...
Page 492 - Pantheon or Universal Chronicle, inserted this romance as part of the history of the third Antiochus, about 200 years before Christ. It begins thus [MS. Reg. 14, c. xi.]: Filia Seleuci regis stat clara decore, Matreque defuncta pater arsit in ejus amore. Res habet effectum, pressa puella dolet.
Page 433 - It was now seven days since the pilgrims had tasted bread or meat ; the soudan's galley, therefore, was no sooner moored to the beach than they hastened on board to beg for food. The soudan, under the apprehension that they were spies, ordered them to be driven back on shore : but his...
Page 448 - De engine ac utu praetextae," p. 147. — " Mos antea senatoribus fuit in curiam praetextatis filiis introire. Cum in senatu res major quoepiam con. sultabatur ; eaque in posterum diem prolata esset : placuit ut hanc rem, super qua tractavissent, ne quis enuntiaret priusquam decreta esset. Mater Papirii pueri, qui cum parente suo in curia fuerat, percunctatur filium, quidnam in senatu egissent patres : puer respondit tacendum esse, neque id dici licere.
Page 508 - That compass'd in a clustering orchard's shade : 'Twas a choice charming plat ; abundant round Flowers, roses, odorous spices cloth'd the ground ; Unnumber'd kinds, and all profusely shower'd Such aromatick balsam as they flower'd, Their fragrance might have stay'd man's parting breath, And chas'd the hovering agony of death. The sward one level held, and close above Tall shapely trees their leafy mantles wove, All equal growth, and low their branches came, Thick set with goodliest fruits of every...
Page 328 - Young man, I am the devil in a human form ; and the best poet going ; care nothing about your master, but promise to serve me faithfully, and I will compose such delectable verses for you that they shall excel those of your pedagogue himself." Celestinus, tempted by this insidious proposal, gave his word to serve him faithfully if he fulfilled his engagement. The devil then produced the following verses. Bound by a thong, that passed along A horse's mangy hide , Two sheep there lay, as I you say...
Page 447 - Why I was horrid sick, and at the last " I did throw up, and told my neighbour so, " Something that was — as black, sir, as a crow.

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