Brenda's Ward: A Sequel to "Amy and Acadia"

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Little, Brown, 1906 - 340 pages

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Page 179 - And then, of course, you know what's next, — it left the Dutchman's shore With those that in the Mayflower came, — a hundred souls and more, — Along with all the furniture, to fill their new abodes, — To judge by what is still on hand, at least a hundred loads.
Page 324 - The herald's carven signs. And on her, from the wainscot old, Ancestral faces frown, — And this has worn the soldier's sword, And that the judge's gown.
Page 181 - Lora Standish is my name. Lord, guide my heart that I may do thy will; Also fill my hands with such convenient skill As will conduce to virtue void of shame, And I will give the glory to thy name.
Page 281 - Do sit down," she said. She pushed forward one of the sulky arm-chairs, and Nora seated herself stiffly, her hand-bag clutched on her knee, in the self-conscious attitude of a country caller. "I came—" "So good of you," Miss Aldis repeated. "I had no idea you were in this part of the world. Not the slightest." Was it a lead she was giving? Or did she know everything, and wish to extend to her visitor the decent shelter of a pretext? Or was she really so stupid — "You're staying with the Brinckers,...
Page 102 - Not for a moment did it occur to her that she might be invading his privacy as she began to explore.
Page 284 - This is the lady, do you hesitate ? Then I command you, as Chief Magistrate.
Page 248 - Acadian history last summer, in the end you really knew more about it than any of the rest of us.
Page 8 - I can't tell you how delighted I am at the thought of living with you in that dear little flat. It will be much more fun than anything else I could possibly do.

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