American Journal of Philology

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Basil Lanneau Gildersleeve, Charles William Emil Miller, Tenney Frank, Benjamin Dean Meritt, Harold Fredrik Cherniss, Henry Thompson Rowell
Johns Hopkins University Press, 1920 - Classical philology
Features articles about literary interpretation and history, textual criticism, historical investigation, epigraphy, religion, linguistics, and philosophy. Serves as a forum for international exchange among classicists and philologists.

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Page 406 - is bare, And the winds and sunbeams with their convex gleams ¿Build up the blue dome of air, I silently laugh at my own cenotaph, And out of the caverns of rain, Like a child from the womb, like a ghost from the tomb, I arise and unbuild it again. Shelley
Page 81 - between, Throned in celestial sheen, With radiant feet the tissued clouds down steering; And Heaven, as at some festival, Will open wide the gates of her high palace haiL But wisest Fate says no, This must not yet be so; The Babe yet lies in smiling infancy That on the bitter cross Must redeem our loss.
Page 81 - For, if such holy song Enwrap our fancy long, Time will run back and fetch the Age of Gold; And speckled Vanity Will sicken soon and die, And leprous Sin will melt from earthly mould; And Hell itself will pass away, And leave her dolorous mansions to the peering day. Yea, Truth and Justice then Will down return to men, Orbed in a rainbow; and, like glories wearing, Mercy will
Page 244 - dear, even as the golden ball / That Venus got, such are thy goodly eyes; / When cherries' juice is jumbled therewithal, / Thy breath is like the steam of applepies. / Thy lips resemble two cucumbers fair; / Thy teeth like to the tusks of fattest swine; / Thy speech is like the thunder in the air; / Would God, thy toes, thy lips, and all were mine.”
Page 82 - that the human race might not be agitated by very great and perpetual errors. Therefore the appearance of that golden time returned, and Justice was restored to the earth, but was assigned to a few; and this Justice is nothing else than the pious and religious worship of the one God.' But
Page 360 - Je suis Lindor, ma naissance est commune; Mes voeux sont ceux d'un simple bachelier. Que n'aije, hélas! d'un brillant chevalier, A vous offrir le rang et la fortune! Tous les matins, ici, d'une voix tendre, Je chanterai mon amour sans espoir;
Page 81 - no, This must not yet be so; The Babe yet lies in smiling infancy That on the bitter cross Must redeem our loss.
Page 52 - calls “novelty” in style. This happens when the thing is a surprise, and, as he says, does not answer to our presentiment; Like those words, formed by a change, which comic writers use. Jokes which depend on the change of a letter have this effect: they deceive.'
Page 110 - of Lady Macbeth: “Had he not resembled my father as he slept, I had done ‘t.” The
Page 53 - he once told the comic actor Satyrus that it was easy enough to make an audience laugh, but to make them weep was the difficulty (I borrow the language of Haigh, Attic Theatre, 1907, p. 283). But in the present case, having cited the rhetorician, Aristotle would

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