Christians Awake

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AuthorHouse, 2008 - Religion - 120 pages
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Is it too late? Are you one of a multitude of Christians who feel that it has all gone horribly wrong but have no idea where to turn or, indeed, who to turn to? Do you feel that the tide of error and compromise cannot be turned back now and anything you do or say will make no difference anyway? Is the gagging and shackling effect of political correctness driving you mad? Are you a young, newly converted Christian who just cannot reconcile what Scripture teaches with what seems to be taught, condoned and regarded as acceptable in Christendom today? Are you puzzled and confused? Do find yourself having to listen to politicians and other so called Experts In Their Field explaining at length why society is in the state it is in; blaming breakdown in family life, a lack of things for young people to do, and a whole array of other social causes but seemingly unable or unwilling to acknowledge that the root cause is that we have turned our back on Christianity, the authority of Scripture and Christian values? Do you despair when you see and hear religious and Church leaders striving for unity at the expense of the Truth and performing the most ridiculous moral (if such a word can be used ) and ethical somersaults to accommodate everyone, fudge the issues and attempt to reconcile the irreconcilable and all in such a patronising and pompous way?"

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