A system of camp-discipline, military honours, garrison-duty, and other regulations for the land forces, collected by a gentleman of the army. In which are included, Kane's Discipline for a battalion in action. To which is added, General Kane's Campaigns of king William and the duke of Marlborough

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Page 52 - And it is our further pleasure, that the general and field officers of the provincial troops shall have no rank with the general and field officers, who serve by commission from us ; but that all captains and other inferior officers of our forces, who are or may be employed in North America, are, on all detachments...
Page 45 - In the centre of each Colour is to be painted or embroidered in gold Roman characters the number of the rank of the Regiment within a wreath of roses and thistles on the same stalk except those Regiments which are allowed to wear any Royal devices or ancient badges on whose Colours the rank of the Regiment is to be painted towards the upper corner.
Page 45 - Colour, to be the Colour of the Facing of the Regiment with the Union in the upper Canton...
Page 52 - ... the buttons being set on in the same manner as on the men's coats ; the waistcoats and breeches being likewise of the same colour as those of the men. The housings and (holster) caps of the officers to be of the colour of the facing of the...
Page 48 - Munro's (now thirty-seventh) which " engaged, who did not kill one or two men each with their " bayonets," &c. — Particulars of the Battle of Culloden published at the time. + " In the centre of their colours the King's cipher on 1751 " a red ground within the garter, and crown over it ; in " the three corners of their second colour the LION OF " ENGLAND,* being their ancient badge.
Page 45 - ... allowed to wear any royal devices, or ancient badges, on whose colours the rank of the regiment is to be painted towards the upper corner.
Page 50 - Droit,' underneath ; the White Horse in a compartment, in the first and fourth corner; and the rank of the regiment, in gold or silver characters, on a ground of the same colour as the faceing of the regiment, in a compartment in the second and third corners.
Page 68 - Foot that are interlin'd with Horse when they are once routed, and especially when the other Foot are up with them. 'Thus was the main Body of the Enemy, on which the Fate of the Day on both Sides depended, put to an entire Rout. The Veldt-Marshal by this Time had routed their Right Wing, and drove them out of the...
Page 59 - ... and then to wheel in upon the flanks of Palmes : which Palmes perceiving, ordered Major Oldfield, who commanded the squadron on his right, and Major Creed, who commanded that on his left, to wheel outwards, and charge the squadrons coming down upon them. And not in the least doubting their beating...
Page 45 - The front to be painted with the colour of the facing of the regiment, with the King's cypher and crown, and the number of the regiment under it. Bells of Arms The bells of arms to be painted in the same manner.

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