Capt. John Smith: Of Willoughby by Alfoed, Lincolnshire; President of Virginia, and Admiral of New England. Works. L608-1631

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Archibald Constable and Company, 1895 - Bermuda Islands - 602 pages

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Page 394 - his to saue him from death : whereat the Emperour was contented he should Hue to make him hatchets, and her bells, beads, and copper ; for they thought him aswell of all occupations as themselues. For the King himselfe will make his owne robes, shooes, bowes, arrowes, pots ; plant, hunt, or doe any thing so well as the rest.
Page 503 - excused, I durst not allow of that title, because she was a Kings daughter ; with a well set countenance she said, Were you not afraid to come into my fathers Countrie, and caused feare in him and all his people (but mee), and feare you here I should call you father; I
Page 439 - great cheare should! be sent vs by and by: but Powhatan and all the power he' could make, would after come kill vs all, if they that brought it could not kill vs with our owne weapons when we were at supper. Therefore if we would Hue, shee wished vs presently to
Page 804 - oft derided, that the Ordnance were at pawne, and how they grew fat for want of exercise ; and fearing lest they should depart ere they could assault their Citie, sent this Challenge to any Captaine in the Armie. That to delight the Ladies, who did long to see some court-like pastime, the Lord
Page 502 - an English Gentleman, with whom at this present she is in England ; the first Christian euer of that Nation, the first Virginian euer spake English, or had a childe in mariage by an Englishman : a matter surely, if my meaning bee truly considered and well vnderstood", worthy a Princes vnderstanding.. Thus,
Page 477 - of her before it was knowne ; for which hee was executed, as hee well deserued : now whether shee was better roasted, boyled or carbonado'd, I know not ; but of such a dish as powdered wife I neuer heard of. This was that time, which still to this day [1624] we
Page 503 - tell you then I will, and you shall call mee childe, and so I will bee for euer and euer your Countrieman. They did tell vs alwaies you were dead, and I knew no other till I came to
Page 394 - Powhatan having disguised himselfe in the most fearefullest manner he could, caused Captain Smith to be brought forth to a great house in the woods, and there vpon a mat by the fire to be left alone. Not long after from
Page 390 - slipped vp to the middle in an oasie creeke and his Salvage with him ; yet durst they not come to him till being neere dead with cold, he threw away his armes. Then according to their composition they drew him forth and led him to the fire, where his men were slaine. Diligently they chafed his benummed
Page 691 - honour that remembrance with praise. Consider what were the beginnings and endings of the Monarchies of the Chaldeans, the Syrians, the Grecians and Romans, but this one rule ; what was it they would not doe for the good of their common weale, or their mother City? For example : Rome, what made her such a Monarchesse, but

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