Notes on Orkney and Zetland: Illustrative of the History, Antiquities, Scenery, and Customs of Those Islands

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Macredy u. Skelly, 1822 - Orkney (Scotland) - 339 pages
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Page 8 - Jacobus dei gratia Rex Scotorum omnibus probis hominibus totius terre sue clericis et laicis salutem. Sciatis nos cum avisamento autoritate et consensu carissimi consanguinei et tutoris nostri Johannis Ducis Albanie etc.
Page 15 - ... spectare valentibus quomodolibet in futurum libere quiete plenarie integre honorifice bene et in pace sine aliquo impedimento revocatione contradictione aut olistaculo aliquali.
Page 41 - Thrice-happy he, who, far in Scottish glen Retired, (yet ready at his country's call,) Has left the restless emmet-hill of man. He never longs to read the saddening tale Of endless wars; and seldom does he hear The tale of woe ; and ere it reaches him, Rumour, so loud when new, has died away Into a whisper, on the memory borne Of casual traveller : as on the deep, Far from the sight of land, when all...
Page 75 - See Hoy's old man ; whose summit bare Pierces the dark blue fields of air ! Based in the sea, his fearful form Glooms like the spirit of the storm...
Page 103 - Southesk, his father-in-law, where two of his children were kept, he procured liberty from his guard to see them; but neither at meeting nor parting could any change of his former countenance be discerned, or the least expression heard which was not suitable to the greatness of his spirit and the fame of his former actions. His behaviour was, during the whole journey, such as became a great man ; his countenance was serene and cheerful, as...
Page 57 - ... and the Presbytery most miserably abused ; particularly that when they are at exercise in the said church, neither can the preacher open his mouth nor the hearers conveniently attend for smoke ; yea some of the members of the Presbytery have been stopped in their outgoing and incoming to their meetings, and most rudely pursued by the soldiers with their muskets and halberts, all which are most grievous to the Presbytery, and to any that have any sense of godliness...
Page 24 - ... viis, semitis, aquis, stagnis, rivolis, pratis, pascuis et pasturis, molendinis, multuris, et eorum sequelis, aucupationibus, venationibus, piscationibus, petariis, turbariis...
Page 9 - Edinburgh, durante vita sua, cum omnibus feodis, privileges, devorijs, et proflcuis eidem officio pertinentibus de mandato nostro visam lectam inspectam et diligenter examinatam sanam integram non rasam, non cancellatam, nee in aliqua sui parte suspectam, ad plenum intellexisse sub hac forma...
Page 76 - Around his dread and louring mass, In sailing swarms the sea-fowl pass ; But when the night-cloud o'er the sea Hangs like a sable canopy, And when the flying storm doth scourge, Around his base the rushing surge, Swift to his airy clefts they soar, And sleep amidst the tempest's roar, Or with its howling round his peak, Mingle their drear and dreamy shriek.
Page 102 - ... himself away in the fellow's Highland habit. There was a very narrow search made for him, so that he could not long escape ; yet he continued in the open fields three or four days, without their getting any notice of him : at last, the Laird of Assint, being abroad in arms with some of his tenants in search of him, lighted on him in a place where he had continued three or four days without meat or drink, and only one man in his company.

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