Maximum Penalized Likelihood Estimation: Volume II: Regression

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Springer New York, Dec 2, 2011 - Mathematics - 572 pages
This is the second volume of a text on the theory and practice of maximum penalized likelihood estimation. It is intended for graduate students in s- tistics, operationsresearch, andappliedmathematics, aswellasresearchers and practitioners in the ?eld. The present volume was supposed to have a short chapter on nonparametric regression but was intended to deal mainly with inverse problems. However, the chapter on nonparametric regression kept growing to the point where it is now the only topic covered. Perhaps there will be a Volume III. It might even deal with inverse problems. But for now we are happy to have ?nished Volume II. The emphasis in this volume is on smoothing splines of arbitrary order, but other estimators (kernels, local and global polynomials) pass review as well. We study smoothing splines and local polynomials in the context of reproducing kernel Hilbert spaces. The connection between smoothing splines and reproducing kernels is of course well-known. The new twist is thatlettingtheinnerproductdependonthesmoothingparameteropensup new possibilities: It leads to asymptotically equivalent reproducing kernel estimators (without quali?cations) and thence, via uniform error bounds for kernel estimators, to uniform error bounds for smoothing splines and, via strong approximations, to con?dence bands for the unknown regression function. ItcameassomewhatofasurprisethatreproducingkernelHilbert space ideas also proved useful in the study of local polynomial estimators.

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