The History and Present Condition of Tripoli: With Some Accounts of the Other Barbary States

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T.W. White, 1835 - Tripoli (Libya) - 80 pages

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Page 13 - As the Government of the United States of America is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion...
Page 31 - WHEREAS a treaty of peace and amity between the United States of America, and his Britannic Majesty was signed at Ghent, on the twenty-fourth day of...
Page 22 - And you may assure him, also, that I will take the most effectual measures with the forces under my command, for co-operating with him against the usurper, his brother, and for re-establishing him in the Regency of Tripoli. Arrangements to this effect are confided to the discretion with which Mr. Eaton is vested by the Government.
Page 30 - It was generally believed by the officers in the Mediterranean that Mr. Lear had a great ascendancy over the commodore in all his measures relative to the squadron.
Page 2 - ANSLEY, of the said district, hath deposited in this office the title of a book, the title of which is in the words following, to wit : " Elements of Literature ; or, an Introduction to the Study of Rhetoric and Belles Lettres. By EA Ansley, AM Quid quid prsecipies, esto brevis. — Hor.
Page 62 - Excellency the most positive assurances of the entirely disinterested views of the cabinet of the Tuileries in the future disposal of the state of Algiers. Notwithstanding his Excellency has promised to write to his government in order to obtain the means of making an official communication, I have thought it right to instruct you to bring the subject under the notice of M. de Polignac.
Page 20 - Mediterranean a force which would be able, beyond the possibility of a doubt, to coerce the enemy to a peace, on terms compatible with the honor and the interests of the country.
Page 13 - ... on the part of the United States, to be delivered and paid by them on the arrival of their consul in Tripoli, of which part a notice is likewise hereto annexed. And no pretence of any periodical tribute or farther payment is ever to be made by either party.
Page 20 - Caramalli, elder brother of the reigning Bashaw, and driven by him from his throne, meditated the recovery of his inheritance, and that a concert in action with us was desirable to him. We considered that concerted operations by those who have a common enemy were entirely justifiable, and might produce effects favorable to both, without binding either to guaranty the objects of the other.
Page 20 - With respect to the ex-Bashaw of Tripoli, we have no objection to your availing yourself of his co-operation with you against Tripoli, if you shall, upon a full view of the subject, after your arrival upon the station, consider his co-operation expe711 714 Relations with Tripoli. dient. The subject is committed entirely to your discretion. In such an event you will, it is believed, find Mr. Eaton extremely useful to you.

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