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A Christian Classic

User Review  - The Reformed Reader -

John Piper’s Pleasures of God is destined to be a classic within Christian literature. Piper seeks to explain how a holy God can take pleasure in sinful creatures. Furthermore, he elaborates on his ... Read full review

This book is amazing!

User Review  - Alaskamom -

This book is really amazing. It points out and states well, our desires and how we can live a more full life in Christ. "The benefits of knowing God more fully and deeply in this way are many. This is ... Read full review

Centered On God

User Review  - Smoothie71 -

So this was my first time reading anything by John Piper. I knew I'd love his writings because I've read countless quotes by him, but I did not know how this book would be perfect for my life right ... Read full review

User Review  - David Messier -

We are working through this book at our Saturday mornings mens group. Piper is a thinker and causes you to consider things you never thought about. He truly gets you to think about the excellency and ... Read full review

User Review  - Benjamin Wall -

I have read through Piper's volume on God's delight in being God three times now and everytime I do I find more and more to chew on. It is a masterful volume completely centered on God. If you have not read it, do so! It will change the way you think about and love God! Read full review

User Review  - Kevin Bryan Hash -

Great Book! I wouldn't say it is easy to understand or that you could fly through it. I found that each paragraph deserved careful reflection and therefore should be read more than once. It's devotional and theological.It's my favorite book of Piper's. Read full review

User Review  - David Herring -

Must reading for every Christian. This is a book to do for small groups, bible studies, and devotions. Builds the foundations for "Christian Hedonsism" in the tradition of Edwards, the Puritans, Augustine, the apostles, Jesus, David, etc. Read full review

User Review  - Joseph E. Torres -

This book is truly a gem! I never thought I would fly through it in less than a week. Not only does Piper systematically define the joys of God, but leaves such sweet taste in your mouth afterward as ... Read full review

User Review  - Mike -

The best extra-Biblical treatment of the person of God that I've ever read. Christians can't understand who God is until they understand what brings Him pleasure. This book answers the hard questions ... Read full review

User Review  - Monica -

Excellent! Thorough and easy-to-understand, gives God the glory all the way. Read full review

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