Politische Hauptschriften: Uebersetzt und Mit Anmerkungen Versehen

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E. Koschny, 1874 - Great Britain

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Page 351 - ... settling in a skinny congealment of ease and sloth at the top : and if they keep their learning by some potent sway of nature, it is a rare chance ; but their devotion most commonly comes to that queazy temper of lukewarmness, that gives a vomit to God himself.
Page 53 - ... without books a thousand other ways which cannot be stopped, and evil doctrine not with books can propagate, except a teacher guide, which he might also do without writing and so beyond prohibiting, I am not able to unfold how this cautelous enterprise of licensing can be exempted from the number of vain and impossible attempts.
Page 47 - Juno sat cross-legged over the nativity of any man's intellectual offspring; but if it proved a monster, who denies but that it was justly burnt, or sunk into the sea ? But that a book, in worse condition than a peccant soul, should be to stand before a jury ere it be born to the world, and undergo yet in darkness the judgment of Radamanth and his colleagues, ere it can pass the ferry backward into light, was never heard before...
Page 73 - The Nature of Truth; its union and unity with the soule, which is one in its essence, faculties, acts; one with truth,
Page iii - ... dicebatque grave esse, cum id Christiani et Judaei facerent in praedicandis sacerdotibus, qui ordinandi sunt, non fieri in provinciarum rectoribus, quibus, et fortunae hominum committerentur et capita.
Page 287 - Memorials of the English Affairs, from the Beginning of the Reign of Charles I to the Restoration...
Page 198 - Purpure! metuunt tyranni , Injurioso ne pede proruas Stantem columnam, neu populas frequens Ad arma cessantes ad arma Concitet , imperiumque frangat. Te semper anteit saeva Necessitas , Clavos trabales et cuneos manu Gestans ahena; nec severus Uncus abest , liquidumque plumbum.

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