The Conquest of Britain by the Saxons: A Harmony of the "Historia Britonum", the Writings of Gildas, the "Brut", and the Saxon Chronicle, with Reference to the Events of the Fifth and Sixth Centuries

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J. R. Smith, 1861 - Great Britain - 367 pages
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Page 39 - That they belong to the seventh century cannot be doubted ; they contain forms of the language which are evidently earlier even than those which occur in the contemporary version of Baeda's verses in a MS.
Page 341 - Stulta,1 manuque sibi detexit vulnus honesta, Inspexitque diu ; tandemque redire salutem Posse sibi dixit, si secum tempore longo Esset, et ipsius vellet medicamine fungi. Gaudentes igitur regem commisimus illi, Et dedimus ventis redeundo vela secundis.
Page 117 - ... engagements, drove them out of Illyricum, and carried the war into Dacia with such success, that he was enabled to boast that he had recovered that province, which, half a century before, Aurelian had relinquished to them. The Goths, however, were not subdued ; for in AD 331, the Sarmatians sought the aid of Constantine against them ; and, when it was known that he had espoused their cause, Araric passed the Danube, ravaged Maesia, and routed the Roman forces, commanded by the Emperor in person....
Page 167 - Guorthigimus autem tenuit imperium in Brittannia Theodosio et Valentiniano consulibus et in quarto anno regni sui Saxones ad Brittanniam venerunt Felice et Tauro consulibus quadringentesimo anno ab incarnatione domini nostri lesu Christi.
Page 181 - Scotus lernen Movit , et infesto spumavit remige Tethys. Illius effectum curis, ne tela timerem Scotica, ne Pictum tremerem, ne littore toto Prospicerem dubiis venturum Saxona ventis.
Page 2 - ... history burns no longer ; and the glimmerings which, here and there, supply its place, are like the flashes of lightning to the benighted and road-lost wanderer, which reveal more sensibly the gloom around him, without directing his footsteps. 'When the light of history dawns again upon the mysterious drama, it is fitful and uncertain ; but when the curtain, or shroud rather, is raised, we see upon the stage a mighty change. A new people has occupied the land ; and the inauguration of new governments,...
Page 193 - Guenedote, quia atavus illius, id est, Cunedag, cum filiis suis, quorum numerus octo erat, venerat prius de parte sinistrali, id est, de regione que vocatur Manau Guotodin, centum quadraginta sex annis antequam Mailcun regnaret, et Scottos cum ingentissima clade expulerunt ab istis regionibus.
Page 45 - Paulinus, the restoration of Christianity in Northumbria was effected by missionaries of the Irish school, whose...
Page 38 - King, The Lord of the Heavens ; I dared not fall down. They reviled us both together, I was all stained with blood, Poured from the man's side. Christ was on the cross, Yet, hither hastening, Men came from afar Unto the noble one. I beheld all that, With sorrow I was overwhelmed.
Page 37 - Twas many a year ago, I yet remember it, That I was hewn down At the wood's end. There men bare me upon their shoulders Until they set me down upon a hill. Then saw I tremble The whole extent of earth. But yet I stood fast. Then the young Hero prepared Himself, That was Almighty God, Strong and firm of mood He mounted the lofty Cross Courageously in sight of many. I...

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