A Pickle for the Knowing Ones

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Blanchard & Sargent, 1848 - Newburyport (Mass.) - 32 pages

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These are the words spoken by our Lord, Holy Timothy Dexter, and we shall cherish them. The philosopher of legend, Holy Timothy Dexter has so kindly granted us with many valuable an insight, a guide to enlightenment. In his holiness he has imparted upon us great lessons of history, philosophy and personal stories of which to live by. All this complimented by the finest literature and penmanship ever to grace humanity. His masterful sentence structure is imbued with metaphor of such profound and complex meaning that one can spend a lifetime rereading his raptures and gain new meaning each time. Our Lord has subverted the expectations of the normal person and has cleverly reinvented the foundation of fickle ideas such as punctuation grammar and capitalisation, meaning only the Knowing Ones can acquire the pickle, for it is a pickle for the knowing ones. In all His endless generosity, he has bestowed upon us a prayer in his honour, for which we shall repeat until the rebirth and subsequent never ending rule by his majesty. I ask you all to join with me and recite the prayer in the preparation for his arrival upon the Earth once more.  

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a Byootifull manyuscript ritten by a grate filosfer. this book iz trooly grate and unveells important parts ov the wurld.

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Page 21 - Rouners thay founed the home as I told them to Act the fool I was foull of cash I had Nine tun of silver on hand at that time all that time the Creaters more or Less...
Page 21 - ... or if not thay would goue to hell and if thay had Dun wiked flie to the bibel and on thare Neas and kiss the bibel three times and look up to heaven...
Page 28 - In the unity of the God-head there be three persons of one substance, power, and eternity, God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Ghost: the Father is of none, neither begotten, nor proceeding ; the Son is eternally begotten of the Father; the holy Ghost eternally proceeding from the Father and the Son.
Page 21 - Inw ye says bying whale bone for stain for ships in grosing three houndred & 40 tuns bort all in boston salum and all in Noue york under Cover oppenly told them for my ships thay all...
Page 31 - More precious far than gold that 's pure : Lord Dexter shine forever more ! His house is white and trimmed with green ; For many miles it may be seen ; It shines as bright as any star ; The fame of it has spread afar. Lord Dexter, like King Solomon, Hath gold and silver by the ton ; And bells to churches he hath given, To worship the great King of Heaven.
Page 14 - ... to Far parts to trade — Go supercargo To learn navigation And character. There will in time take Many brave men, Advantage to merchants And funding to country — Wise men pos-pos on this. Goodbye — Timothy Dexter. I command peace and the Gratest brotherly love And Not fade, be linked Together with that best of troue Love So as to govern all nasions On the fass of the gloub Not to Tiranize over them A Congress of Nations; But to Put them to order . . . A Congress of nasions To be allways...
Page 14 - Ime the first Lord in the younited States of A mercary Now of Newburyport. it is the voice of the peopel and I cant Help it." This extract is from his famous little book called " A Pickle for the Knowing Ones.
Page 30 - He was condemned; and so shall you be. He was hanged; and so shall you be. He went down into Hell; and so shall you do. Marry, in this one thing you differ from him, for he rose again and ascended into heaven; and so shall you never do, without God's great mercy, which God grant you!
Page 29 - I shall now offer unto you. First, Fortitude and stoutness of courage, and also boldness of mind, is commended of some men to be a virtue ; which being granted, who is there then that will not judge thieves to be virtuous ? For they...
Page 21 - ... to be short with it I made seventey five per sent one tun and halfe of silver and over one more spect Drole A Nouf I Dreamed of warming pans three Nits that thay would doue in the west ingas I got not more than fortey two thousand put them in Nine vessele for difrent ports that tuck good hold...

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