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This book is an inspirational about the understanding of the world religious Scriptures. The terms that commonly understood by all the religious sects especially the Bible, the Quran, Hindu and Buddhist Scriptures. World leaders always talk about peace and unity but it can be acquired only by understanding the will and the testament of God to His creatures. By reading this we will witness the hidden truth ourselves, then the choice is ours to make. This Book is dedicated to the citizens of the worlds six continents. The world is filled with confusion, turmoil, uprisings, revolutions and war without end. It is high time we found out what was wrong, and got a solution to all these problems. Looking closely, it is evident that at the centre of our mishaps is our confusion about our own faith in the Lord, which is the first and precious thing in the life of mankind. Coming together under one umbrella of belief will help us seek the truth about God, what are the real commandments, the truth about Jesus Christ and what he said, especially tangible proofs from the Scriptures, and which religion is the true religion of God for mankind and how we split into sects? What is the real story of St. Paul, Constantine the Prince of Byzantine, who is the founder of Christianity, what is Islam? Who is Muhammad? And what proves him to be a Prophet from God? I think every individual needs to know these things to make their own choices.

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Prologue 1 Common Term Of The Bible And The Quran
What The Bible Says About Muhammad
Muhammad In The Book Of Isaiah
The Story Of The Kabah lBaca
The Beginning Of The Creation 26 The Story Of Adam And The Cursed Iblis Satan 27 The Judgment Day The Day Of Resurrection
Muhammad In The Book Of Solomon 5 Muhammad In The New Testament The Gospel
Unity Towards One God 7 Division Of Religion
A Mar am Mar as The Ver Elect Amon Women 9 Repentances 10 Qualities Of Prophet Muhammad In The Bible 11 Jesus As A Prophet In The Bible
Oneness Of God In The Bible 13 What Jesus Said In The Gospel? 14 Gospel Of The Kingdom Of God 15 The Salvation 16 Christ Elias And That Pr...
Gospel Of Barnabas 20 Muhammad In The Hindu Scriptures 21 Muhammad In The Buddhist Scriptures 22 Muhammad Confirmed The Commandm...
Ascent Of Prophet Muhammad To The Seven Heavens 29 The Story Of Prophet Moses And Khidr Man Of Wisdom 30 The Story Of The Young Me...
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حول المؤلف (2013)

Jibril Mohammed (Accra Ghana, 10th April 1968), residence in Italy (Brescia) A middle class man, who decided to face the reality, even though it was not easy to do so. By reading the Audacity of Hope, he realized that just like the then-Senator BARACK OBAMA and his slogan of YES WE CAN that lead him to make impossible things possible, so could he reach his goals by the Grace of God.

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