The first catechism of geography. By rev. T. Wilson

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Page 87 - As serials for children, and well adapted to woo the infant mind to the acquaintance of knowledge, we can confidently recommend these Catechisms, which, for perspicuity of style and accuracy of information, have not been equalled.
Page 87 - PINNOCK, appear to ha^e avoided the defects of the ancient pedagogue. They are written by different eminent individuals, each subject having been wisely intrusted to a person peculiarly conversant with it ; but all have worked together in harmony with the common design, and the result is a series of catechisms for schools and families, which not only bring down the information to the present state of knowledge in...
Page 26 - PORTUGAL. PORTUGAL is bounded on the north and east by Spain, and on the west and south by the Atlantic. Length, from north to south, 368 miles; breadth, from the Rock of Lisbon to the borders of Spain, 140 miles.
Page 87 - ... branch, but convey it in a form adapted to the comprehension of those who have to perform the double task of learning both the meanings of words and the things those words are intended to describe. With such recommendations, WILSON'S Catfchitmt have deservedly taken the place of PiNNOca's, and we can confidently recommend them wherever they may be yet unknown."— Critic.
Page 34 - BOUNDARIES.—Germany is bounded on the north by the German Ocean, Denmark, and the Baltic; on the west by France, Belginm, and Holland ; on the south by Switzerland, Italy, the Adriatic, and Istria; and on the east by Prussia, Pusea, Poland, Galicia, Hungary, and Croatia. It extends from 44 46...
Page 3 - A Gulf, or Bay, is a branch of some large division of water, extending into the laud.
Page 68 - A line supposed to be drawn round the earth at an equal distance from the poles.
Page 2 - What is a Continent ? A continent is a very large tract of land, as the continent of America or the continent of Europe.
Page 28 - Vesuvius, near Naples ; Etna, in Sicily ; and Stromboli, one of the Lipari Islands.

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