The Book of Filial Duty

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J. Murray, 1908 - Filial piety - 60 pages

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Page 20 - ' ON hearing what Confucius said about filial duty, Tseng Tzu remarked: " How great is the use of filial duty! " Here Confucius continued : " Filial duty is the constant doctrine of Heaven, the natural righteousness of Earth, and the practical duty of man. Every member of the community ought to observe it with the greatest 1
Page 37 - obedient to his Mother During the Chou dynasty lived Min Sun, a disciple of Confucius, who in early life lost his mothe.r. His father subsequently married another wife, who bore him two children, but disliked Sun. In winter she clothed him in garments made of rushes, while her own children wore cotton clothes. Min was employed
Page 44 - the stranger obtained an abundance of food and clothing. This success caused his mother to rejoice, and they were both delighted, she forgetting her former hardships in the joy that filled her breast. No. X He fanned the Pillow and
Page 43 - with companies of robbers, who would have compelled him to go with them and become a bandit, but Chiang entreated them with tears to spare him, saying that he had his aged mother with him ; and the robbers could not bear to kill him. Altering his course, he came into the district of
Page 19 - Be diligent every minute to attend upon the one person " (meaning the Emperor). CHAPTER V THE FILIAL DUTY OF THE LITERARY CLASS FROM the manner in which we should treat our father we learn how to treat our mother. The love toward them is the same. From the manner
Page 20 - Heaven, Earth, and Man. care. We do what is dictated by Heaven and what is good for the general public in order to

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