Geschichte der Religion Jesu Christi, von F.L., Grafen zu Stolberg (fortgesetzt von F. v. Kerz, J.N. Brischar). Bd.1-53 [in 55 pt. Vol.1-15 only are of the new ed. No more publ.].

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Page 355 - In justice to Becket it must be admitted that these famous articles completely changed the legal and civil state of the clergy, and were an actual subversion, as far as they went, of the papal policy and system of hierarchy, so boldly introduced by Gregory VII. These new constitutions abolished that independence on the legal tribunals of the country, which William had unwarily permitted; and they again subjected the clergy, as in the AngloSaxon times, to the common law of the land.
Page 464 - HISTOIRE DE LA RENAISSANCE DE LA LIBERTÉ EN ITALIE, de ses Progrès, de sa Décadence et de sa Chute.
Page 167 - ... a clero constituti, postea processu temporis aucta " cupidine totum sibi jus usurparent, et terras omnes cum " exteriore possessione sibi impudenter appropriarent ; solum " altaria ; cum decimis et obventionibus clero relinquentes ; et •. haec ipsa filiis suis clericis et cognatis assignantes. Tales " itaque defensores seu potius ecclesiarum destructores abbates se .' vocari facere, et tam nomen indebitum quam rem quoque sibi
Page 419 - Anglorum namque populus, adhuc integro eorundem regno, communi gentis vitio, liberos suos venales exponere, et priusquam inopiam ullam aut inediam sustinerent, filios proprios et cognatos in Hiberniam vendere consueverant.
Page 106 - Ad curiales redeo: apud quos in accipiendo cibo, in equitatu, in vigiliis non est ordo, non est ratio, non est modus. Apponitur clerico, aut militi curiali panis non...
Page 411 - Hiberniam jure haereditario possidendam, sicut litterae ipsius testantur in hodiernum diem. Nam omnes insulae de jure antiquo, ex donatione Constantini qui eam fundavit et dotavit, dicuntur ad Romanam ecclesiam pertinere.
Page 356 - Braminical caste, released from all legal responsibility, independent of both crown and parliament, and towering high above all, in an awful sanctity flowing from their order, unconnected with their moral conduct, and which no personal vices would have been admitted to destroy. Some exhibition of this sort has appeared in Spain and Portugal, to the political misery and intellectual degradation of both those countries.
Page 433 - semper in insidiis, semper in dolo, semper propinans sub melle venenum, semper latens anguis in herba.
Page 424 - Church from all impositions exacted by the laity," and to the other decree, " relieving the clergy from any share in the eric, or blood-fine, which the kindred of a layman, convicted of homicide, were compelled to pay among them to the family of the slain," Mr. Moore observes, that "the extension of such favours and immunities to the Church, though by no means in accordance with Henry's general policy, appeared to him an expedient necessary to be adopted in Ireland, where the support of a strong...
Page 142 - Britannia after the Romans ; being an Attempt to illustrate the Religious and Political Revolutions of that Province in the Fifth and succeeding Centuries ; 2 vols.

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