The Numismatic Chronicle

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Royal Numismatic Society., 1887 - Numismatics
With v. 1 is bound; Horta, de, chevalier. Catalogue d'une partie de la collection de médailles. Londres, J. Wertheimer.

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Page 197 - Est aliud mirabile in regione quse dicitur Buelt. Est ibi cumulus lapidum, et unus lapis superpositus super congestum, cum vestigio canis in eo. Quando venatus est porcum Troynt, impressit Cabal, qui erat canis Arthuri militis, vestigium in lapide, et Arthur postea congregavit congestum lapidum sub lapide in quo erat vestigium canis sui, et vocatur Carn Cabal.
Page 13 - President, in the Chair. The minutes of the last Anniversary Meeting were read and confirmed. The...
Page 233 - ... beheld him ascend to heaven, borne in the arms of angels. Devotional pictures of St. Ambrose alone as patron saint do not often occur. In general he wears the episcopal pallium with the mitre and crosier as bishop : the bee-hive is sometimes placed at his feet ; but a more frequent attribute is the knotted scourge with three thongs. The scourge is a received emblem of the castigation of sin : in the hand of St. Ambrose it may signify the penance inflicted on the Emperor Theodosius ; or, as others...
Page 338 - Defacing to one year's imprisonment who defaces any current gold, silver or copper coin by stamping thereon any names or words, whether such coin is or is not thereby diminished or lightened, and afterwards tenders the same. 55-56 V., c. 29, s. 469. 560. Every one is guilty of an indictable offence and liable Possessing to seven years' imprisonment who unlawfully has in his custody etcppl^fg9c'ur.
Page 206 - The association of our Carausius with the British Constantine indicated by the present coin may at least be taken as evidence that the new Caesar stood forth as the representative of the interests of the Constantinian dynasty in the island as against the faction of the rebel Gerontius and his barbarian allies. It is not unlikely even that he belonged to the same family as Constantine III.
Page 164 - Paros and decorated by the statues of gods and heroes, and the lover of the arts must read with a sigh that the works of Praxiteles or Lysippus were torn from their lofty pedestals and hurled into the ditch on the heads of the besiegers...
Page 201 - Admitting, however, that the great majority of these inscriptions range from the middle of the fifth to the end of the sixth...
Page 137 - ... might have melted down coins of a more valuable metal. Add to all this, that the designs were invented by men of genius, and executed by a decree of senate.
Page 233 - ... expression, and shows to what a pitch of excellence the Vivarini family had attained in these characteristics of the Venetian school, long before it had become a school. Most of the single figures of St. Ambrose represent him in his most popular character, that of the stern adversary of the Arians. I remember (in the Frari at Venice) a picture in which St. Ambrose in his episcopal robes is mounted on a white charger, and flourishing on high his triple scourge. The Arians are trampled under his...
Page 137 - 3. That there be a society established for the finding out of proper subjects, inscriptions, and devices.

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