The Terranes of Orange County, Vermont

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J. B. Lyon, 1902 - Geology - 71 pages

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Page 38 - it is a foliated micaceous quartzite. It extends interruptedly through Corinth and Topsham. In the latter town it terminates as a narrow band about two miles north of Waits River, It carries a rich ferruginous rhodonite susceptible of a most beautiful polish. The rhodonite is four rods wide. The strike is north 75
Page 67 - Geological Survey of Canada, with Atlas, pp. 431, 432. Gaspe Slates and Limestones (Upper Silurian).—Sir WE Logan. 1865 Monograph of the Graptolitidae of the Quebec Group. Decade II, Niagara.—Dr. James Hall. 1866 Geological Map of Canada.
Page 16 - *,975 Orange, Knox Mountain, North Peak 2,200 Plainfield, Plainfield Mountain 2,500 Goshen Gore, Goshen Mountain , 2,600 CHEMISTRY. (a.) Washington Marble. Quarry of Huntington and Clough. Sample taken from the core of a diamond drill 35 feet below the surface of bed rock. Summary of Analyses of Soluble Constituents. Silicon dioxide,
Page 38 - are beds of graphitic schist once carbonaceous shaly material. In Chelsea, about three miles east of the village, it has recently been worked for graphite. Carbon is largely the coloring matter of both the Bradford schist and the Washington limestone. The largest terrane of the Bradford schist lies directly in
Page 21 - 4 may be given to the mineral. It is an orthosilicate in which the ratio of the magnesium is to the iron as 9:1. The theoretical percentage of this ratio varies but little from obtained results. Theoretical Si0 2
Page 39 - George Westinghouse. It is about 10 miles from either of the others and has been worked more extensively. The adit has been extended 3,600 feet with a vertical depth of over 1,500 feet; thereby carrying the present
Page 20 - Value of silver per ton $1.00 $1.29 $1.60 $2.58 Theoretical per cent of arsenic. 46.01 46.01 46.01 46.01 The mineral is arsenopyrite, commercially known as mispickel. It is therefore a sulph-arsenide of iron, carrying a little silver,
Page 20 - Washington; that the increase of soluble carbonates is to the northward; and that the highest development of the marble is in the same direction on the crest of its great anticlinal. (c.) Analysis of Arsenopyrite from East
Page 14 - 1 hills, now extinct volcanoes, through Plainfield and Orange, Goshen and Harris Gores. Some of the lowest altitudes have been observed along the banks of the Connecticut River at low water level. A few are
Page 21 - and conforming very nearly to the formula FeAsS. The silver is present in too small quantity for profitable extraction of the precious metal save as a by-product. But the ore is so rich in arsenic and poor in silica that it ought to become an abundant source of a useful commodity which the American manufacturers are beginning to prepare. (rf.) Analysis of Olivine in

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