The Official Railway Equipment Register, Volumes 20-21

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Railway Equipment and Publication Company, 1904 - Railroads

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Page 2 - Cars shall be considered as having been delivered to a connecting railroad when placed upon the track agreed upon and designated as the interchange track for such deliveries...
Page 298 - Any road making partial repairs of defects on a car which are covered by defect cards will have the defects repaired crossed off the original card with ink or indelible pencil and card placed back on car. A copy of the card accompanying the bill with the defects which were not repaired crossed off will be sufficient authority to bill. RULE 77.
Page 298 - The wheel seats of foreign axles must not be reduced more than 1/16 inch to fit the wheels, and in no case must they be reduced below the limits given in Rule 23.
Page 8 - ... Executive Committee; three members of this committee to constitute a quorum. In case of any dispute or question arising under the rules between the subscribers to said rules, the same may be submitted to this committee through the secretary, in abstract jointly, said abstract setting forth the point or points at issue, and each party's interpretation of the rules upon...
Page 298 - The splice may be located either side of body bolster, but the nearest point of any splice must not be within 12 inches of same. The splicing of two adjacent sills at the same end of the car, or the splicing of any sill between cross-tie timbers, will not be allowed.
Page 296 - They shall be 3^ by 8 inches, and of the form shown below. They shall be printed on both sides, and shall be filled in on both sides with ink or black indelible pencil ; TO .RR RR Car No Initials , To be shopped for (Head of Car Department) RULE 126.
Page 298 - When two or more cars chained together, or any cars which require switch chains to handle them, are delivered at an interchange point, the receiving road shall deliver to the delivering road at the time, an equivalent number of switch chains of the same size as the chains so used on the cars delivered, or, in lieu thereof, furnish a defect card for such chains.
Page 298 - When repairs of any kind are made to foreign cars a repair card shall be securely attached to outside face of intermediate sill between cross-tie timbers. This card shall specify fully the repairs made, and reason for same, the date and place where made, and name of road making repairs; also show location of parts repaired or renewed.
Page 296 - ... thick or less gauged at a point three-eighths inch above tread. Wheels on axles with journals less than 5 inches by 9 inches with flanges having flat vertical surfaces extending 1 inch or more from the tread, or flanges ^ic-inch thick or less, gauged at a point three-eighths inch above the tread.
Page 7 - If it does not receive such cars the road holding them may reclaim per diem from the road placing the embargo for the number of days such cars are held not exceeding the duration of the embargo.

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