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Page 317 - His scales are his pride, Shut up together as with a close seal. One is so near to another, That no air can come between them. They are joined one to another, They stick together, that they cannot be sundered.
Page 581 - Euthydemus, the sun, which seemeth as it were set forth to the view of all men, yet suffereth not itself to be too curiously examined ; punishing those with blindness who too rashly venture so to do; and those ministers of the Gods, whom they employ to execute their bidding, remain to us invisible ; for though the thunderbolt is shot from on high, and breaketh in pieces whatever it findeth in its way, yet no one seeth it when it falls, when it strikes, or when it retires ; neither are the...
Page 525 - Gods, said Aristodemus : on the contrary, I conceive so highly of their excellence, as to suppose they stand in no need either of me or of my services. — Thou mistakest the matter, Aristodemus ; the greater magnificence they have shown in their care of thee, so much the more honour and service thou owest them. — Be assured, said Aristodemus, if I once could be persuaded the Gods take care of man, I should want no monitor to remind me of my duty.
Page 116 - The nurse, after having repeatedly begged her not to do this, and meeting with no success, but observing her to grow angry, sat herself down, breaking out into tears. She, being before-hand provided with a sword, killed herself, and, laying her head down on her husband's breast, she died. The nurse set up a lamentable cry, and covered them both as Panthea had directed. " Cyrus, as soon as he was informed of what the woman had done, being struck with it, went to help her if he could. The servants...
Page 116 - ... fool that I was ! frequently exhorted him to behave in such a manner as to appear a friend to you worthy of notice : and I know he never thought of what he himself should suffer, but of what he should do to please you. He is dead, therefore,' said she, ' without reproach, and I, who urged him on, sit here alive!
Page 525 - But since there are many things, some of which we can easily see the use of, while we cannot say of others to what purpose they were produced, which of these, Aristodemus, do you suppose the work of wisdom ? — It should seem the most reasonable to affirm it of those, whose fitness and utility are so evidently apparent.
Page 115 - Gobryas to take with them all the rich ornaments proper for a friend and an excellent man deceased, and to follow after him; and whoever had herds of cattle with him, he ordered them to take both oxen, and horses, and sheep in good number, and to bring them away to the place where, by inquiry, they should find him to be, that he might sacrifice these to Abradatus.
Page 525 - And canst thou still doubt, Aristodemus, whether a disposition of parts like this should be the work of chance, or of wisdom and contrivance \ — I have no longer any doubt, replied Aristodemus ; and, indeed, the more I consider it, the more evident it appears to me that man must be the masterpiece of some great artificer ; carrying along with it infinite marks of the love and favor of Him who hath thus formed it.
Page 525 - But it is evidently apparent, that He, who at the beginning made man, endued him with senses because they were good for him ; eyes, wherewith to behold whatever was visible ; and ears, to hear whatever was to be heard. For say, Aristodemus, to what purpose should...
Page 247 - He advanced two or three Paces from the Tree under which he stood ; but, as soon as the Stones began to fly, he quickly retired, and, upon every Excursion, more than ten Cart-Loads of Stones were consumed.

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