The Russo-Turkish campaigns of 1828 and 1829

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Page 476 - Ruskin's work will send the painter more than ever to the study of nature ; will train men who have always been delighted spectators of nature, to be also attentive observers. Our critics will learn to admire, and mere admirers will learn how to criticise : thus a public will be educated." — Blackwood's Magazine. " A generous and impassioned review of the works of living painters. A hearty and earnest work, full of deep thought, and developing great and striking truths in art.
Page 480 - Times. III. MEN, WOMEN, AND BOOKS. 2 vols. post 8vo, with Portrait, IQS. cloth. " A book for a parlour-window, for a summer's eve, for a warm fireside, for a halfhour's leisure, for a whole day's luxury ; in any and every possible shape a charming companion.
Page 484 - Universally and cordially do we recommend this delightful volume. We believe no person could read this work and not be the better for its pious and touching lessons.
Page 475 - EXAMPLES OF THE ARCHITECTURE OF VENICE, SELECTED AND DRAWN TO MEASUREMENT FROM THE EDIFICES. In Parts of Folio Imperial size, each containing Five Plates, and a short Explanatory Text, price II.
Page 477 - ... To those who attended the lectures, the book will be a pleasant reminiscence, to others an exciting novelty. The style — clear, idiomatic, forcible, familiar, but never slovenly ; the searching strokes of sarcasm or irony ; the occasional flashes of generous scorn ; the touches of pathos, pity, and tenderness , the morality tempered but never weakened by experience and sympathy ; the felicitous phrases, the striking anecdotes, the passages of wise, practical reflection ; all these lose much...
Page 472 - Of the Topes opened in various parts of India none have yielded so rich a harvest of important information as those of Bhilsa, opened by Major Cunningham and Lieut.
Page 481 - Guardian. II. WOMAN IN FRANCE DURING THE 18™ CENTURY. By JULIA KAVANAGH. 2 vols. post 8vo, with Eight Portraits. 12s. in embossed cloth. " Miss Kavanagh has undertaken a delicate task, and she has performed it on the whole with discretion and judgment. Her volumes may lie on any drawing-room table without scandal, and may be read by all but her youngest countrywomen without risk.
Page 475 - This book is one which, perhaps, no other man could have written, and one for which the world ought to be and will be thankful. It is in the highest degree eloquent, acute, stimulating to thought, and fertile in suggestion. It...
Page 484 - The author of these various manuals of the social sciences has the art of stating clearly the abstruse points of political economy and metaphysics, and making them level to every understanding.
Page 432 - Elles occupent déjà les eaux et ports de la domination Ottomane à portée des Dardanelles. Par cette attitude avancée, les deux Puissances nous ont placés sous le poids d'une démonstration comminatoire, qui comme nous le leur avions fait pressentir, devait ajouter à la crise de nouvelles complications. En présence du refus de la Porte, appuyé par la manifestation de la France et de l'Angleterre, il nous devient plus que jamais impossible de modifier les résolutions qu'en avait fait dépendre...

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