Sex and the Devil's Wager: The Armageddon Sex Revolution

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AuthorHouse, Nov 25, 2009 - Social Science - 470 pages
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Anti-erotic elements in feminism have joined forces with Islam and Christianity to condemn prostitution, the male gaze and the natural love men have for the feminine body as a symbol of universal beauty. The author, whose religion is based in Tantra regards these attitudes both wrong and offensive to pagans. Lee Huxley, claims to be a knower - an enlightened one who sees with the third eye and whose wisdom and lateral thinking demonstrate his special insights in this book. Lee knows the truth the unthinkable that Jesus Christ, the hellfire and damnation preacher, is not the Son of God but the Son of Evil. If Christ is the Son of Evil, then Lee argues from this basis, that Judaism, Christianity and Islam are blasphemies. This book asks how Western civilization could be founded on lies, delusions and blasphemies that even today are still taken seriously. This book is the result of a lifetime of research which has culminated in the formulation of the Devils Wager. The Devils Wager challenges you, the reader, to name any moral idea from the worst evildoers of history that is as evil as the central teaching of the Bible and the Koran, namely that God will resurrect the human race and torture most of them in hell for all eternity. Fifty per cent of the damned will be women. The male God of monotheism is a hellfire pyromaniac: Jesus Christ and Allah are arsonists who burn women alive! This is the feminist issue of our times. Lee uses the writings of theologian and lapsed Catholic Mary Daly, one of the greatest feminist thinkers, to explain their common conviction that feminism must now assume the role of the Antichrist and bring an end to monotheism!

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The author is a black belt in karate. His first book 'Martial Dance' was published in 1988. It proved to be an innovative trend-setter that foreshadowed the popular fusion training of aerobics and martial arts. He later renamed his martial dance training system as 'fytedance'. He chose to retire early from his profession as an art teacher to concentrate on his own controversial artwork which aimed both at de-stigmatising erotica and celebrating it through the re-invention of the nude for the twenty first century. His 'conceptual erotica' has been extensively reviewed in newspapers, magazines and on TV. His intimate studies of the female form were featured in the popular tongue-in-cheek series 'Eurotrash' and caused this particular episode to be banned. He is committed to fighting sexual censorship and argues that the world will never be safe for sexual freedom and erotic art until the source of body phobia, namely anti-erotic religion is decommissioned. As a professional musician and songwriter he performs his own unique brand of eroto-rock music - innovative sexually explicit compositions that aim to reclaim pornographic language and reveal the hidden aesthetic of 'talking dirty'. Now at the age of 61 the author has recently made a revolutionary, holistic martial dance DVD, filmed mostly in the T'ai-Chi Garden in Hong Kong, which offers fytedance as the ultimate mind/body training system and the basis to a new warrior spirituality to replace monotheism . The world needs a 'religion' that can fulfill us spiritually, not just through the heart and mind - but through the body!

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