Everyman: Being a Moralle Play of the XV Centurie

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I. Sackse, 1903 - Christian ethics - 35 pages

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Page 19 - Thy rekenynge I have made blotted and blynde, That thyne accounte thou can not make truly; And that hast thou for the love of me. EVERYMAN. That wolde greve me full sore, Whan I sholde come to that ferefull answere:
Page 8 - DOCTOUR. MESSENGER. I PRAY you all gyve your audyence, And here this mater with reverence, By fygure a morall playe; The somonynge of Everyman, called it is, That of our lyves and endynge shewes, 5 How transytory we be all daye: This mater is
Page 18 - I lye here in corners, trussed and pyled so hye, And in chestes I am locked so fast, Also sacked in bagges, thou mayst se with thyn eye, I can not styre; in packes lowe I lye: What wolde ye have, lightly me saye.
Page 20 - For my Goodes sharpely dyd me tell, That he bryngeth many in to hell. Than of myself I was ashamed, And so I am worthy to be blamed: Thus may I well
Page 13 - For all unredy is my boke of rekenynge: But, xii yere and I myght have abydynge, My countynge boke I wolde make so clere, That my rekenynge I sholde not nede to fere. Wherfore, Dethe, I praye the, for Goddes mercy,
Page 27 - EVERYMAN. Ye, by my fayth, and never more apperel In this worlde lyve no more we shall, But in heven before the hyest Lorde of all. BEAUTE. I crosse out all this: adewe, by saynt Johan! I take my tappe in my lappe, and am gone.
Page 12 - This blynde mater troubleth my wytte. DETHE. On the thou must take a longe journey, Therfore thy boke of counte with the thou brynge, For tourne agayne thou can not by no waye; And loke thou be sure of thy
Page 29 - where ye shall be come. EVERYMAN. Me thynke, alas! that I must be gone To make my rekenynge, and my dettes paye; For, I se, my tyme is nye spente away.— Take example, all ye that this do here or se,
Page 17 - As for me ye shall go alone. EVERYMAN. My Cosyn, wyll you not with me go? COSYN. No, by our Lady, I have the crampe in my to: Trust not to me; for, so God me spede, I wyll deceyve you in your moost nede.
Page 19 - Up! let us go thyder togyder. GOODES. Nay, not so: I am to brytell, I may not endure: I wyll folowe no man one fote be ye sure. EVERYMAN. Alas, I have the loved, and had grete pleasure All my lyfe dayes on good and treasure.

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