A practical treatise on sub-aqueous foundations: including The coffer-dam process for piers, and dredges and dredging, with numerous practical examples from actual work

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John Wiley & Sons, inc., 1914 - Bridges - 814 pages
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Page 781 - All tests shall be made in accordance with the methods proposed by the Committee on Uniform Tests of Cement...
Page 777 - Each package shall be plainly labeled with the name of the brand and of the manufacturer. 13. A sack of cement shall contain 94 pounds net. A barrel shall contain 376 pounds net.
Page 758 - F. as practicable, and observed at intervals for at least 28 days. (c) A third pat is exposed in any convenient way in an atmosphere of steam, above boiling water, in a loosely closed vessel, for five hours. These...
Page 420 - Where metal is incorporated in or forms part of a foundation it shall be thoroughly protected from rust by paint, asphaltum, concrete, or by such materials and in such manner as may be approved by the Commissioner of Buildings.
Page 419 - ... and they shall be driven to a solid bearing if practicable to do so, and the number of such piles shall be sufficient to support the superstructure proposed. No pile shall be used of less dimensions than five inches at the small end and ten inches at the butt for short piles, or...
Page 757 - A bag of cement shall contain 94 pounds of cement net. Each barrel of Portland cement shall contain 4 bags, and each barrel of natural cement shall contain 3 bags of the above net weight.
Page 758 - FINENESS. It shall leave by weight a residue of not more than 8 per cent on the No. 100, and not more than 25 per cent on the No. 200 sieve.
Page 781 - ... and, in smoothing off, the trowel should be drawn over the mold in such a manner as to exert a moderate pressure on the excess material. The mold should be turned over and the operation repeated.
Page 421 - ... inches wider on all sides than the bottom width of said piers, columns or posts. If the superimposed load is such as to cause undue transverse strain on a footing projecting, twelve inches, the thickness of such footing is to be increased so as to carry the load with safety. For small structures and for small piers sustaining light loads...
Page 778 - If the contractor so desires, the engineer officer in charge may, if he deem it to the interest of the United States, have any or all of the tests made or repeated at some recognized standard testing laboratory in the manner herein specified.

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