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Page 315 - The Principles of Physiology, applied to the Preservation of Health, and to the Improvement of Physical and Mental Education.
Page v - HUMAN HEALTH ; or, the Influence of Atmosphere and Locality, Change of Air and Climate, Seasons, Food, Clothing, Bathing, Mineral Springs, Exercise.
Page 288 - English captain, whose history no one knew, as he had been in chains forty years. He was thought to be one of the most furious among them; his keepers approached him with caution, as he had in a fit of fury killed one of them on the spot with a blow from his manacles. He was chained more rigorously than any of the others.
Page 176 - A Medicinal Dictionary, including Physic, Surgery, Anatomy, Chymistry, and Botany, in all their Branches relative to Medicine. Together with a History of Drugs...
Page 622 - MR. JUDD. A PRACTICAL TREATISE ON URETHRITIS AND SYPHILIS : including Observations on the Power of the Menstruous Fluid, and of the Discharge from Leucorrhoea and Sores to produce Urethritis: with a variety of Examples, Experiments, Remedies, and Cures.
Page 343 - ... subject to inspection. When she was in a dreamless sleep, her brain was motionless, and lay within the cranium. When her sleep was imperfect, and she was agitated by dreams, her brain moved and protruded without the cranium, forming cerebral hernia.
Page 342 - Precisely analogous phenomena occur when, from intense mental excitement, the brain is kept long in a state of excessive activity. The only difference is, that we can always see what happens in the eye, but rarely what takes place in the brain. Occasionally, however, cases of fracture of the skull occur, in which...
Page 505 - States, where nobody is oppressed ; on the contrary, where all laws are in their favour." p. 96. We extract the following account of " The Shakers," for the benefit of such of our readers as may not be acquainted with the history and principles of that singular sect : " The Shakers are a religious sect originally from England : it was founded by Anne Lee, the daughter of a Manchester blacksmith, and wife of the blacksmith Stanley, of the same place. Her chief doctrines are community of goods, a perfect...
Page 288 - He submitted to this willingly, without a word ; his chains were removed, and the keepers retired, leaving the door of his cell open. He raised himself many times from his seat, but fell again on it, for he had been in a sitting posture so long that he had lost the use of his legs. In a quarter of an hour he succeeded in maintaining his balance, and with tottering steps came to the door of his dark cell. His first look was at the sky, and he cried out enthusiastically, "How beautiful!" During the...
Page 288 - Couthon then interrogated those who were chained, but the abuse he received, and the confused sounds of cries, vociferations, and clanking of chains in the filthy and damp cells, made him recoil from Pinel's proposition. " You may do what you will with them," said he, " but I fear you will become their victim.

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