Sulla, the Last Republican

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Psychology Press, 2005 - Всего страниц: 233
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Sulla is one of the most controversial figures of the Roman Republic. A harsh military leader devoted to the idea of Rome's destiny, he has often been portrayed as simply a tyrant or despot. Arthur Keaveney's biography, first published more than twenty years ago, overturned that view in favour of a more complex portrait of a man obsessed with the belief that he was the recipient of divine favour - Sulla Felix. Sulla rose from poverty and obscurity to become the master of the Roman world. He was not a crude forerunner of the emperors but a statesman who had long pondered the ills that beset Rome. His dictatorship was dedicated to bringing in laws for the better ordering of the Republic. Despite his achievements and his integrity, Sulla's constitution did not last and was swept away within a generation. In this second edition of Keaveney's biography, the text has been completely rewritten and the findings of two decades of scholarship have been fully integrated. Written in a lively and entertaining style, designed to satisfy scholars as well as to inform students, the book introduces this pivotal figure of the outgoing republic to a new generation of readers.

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A smoothly flowing narrative, but a bit dry. The tight focus on Sulla is appreciated, but he interacted with so many other fascinating late-Republican Romans that it is a pity that the book didn't ... Читать весь отзыв

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