Curtis's Botanical Magazine, Or, Flower-garden Displayed: In which the Most Ornamental Foreign Plants, Cultivated in the Open Ground, the Green-house, and the Stove, are Accurately Represented in Their Natural Colours ..., Volumes 23-24

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1806 - Botany
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Page 923 - reprefented in their natural Colours. TO WHICH ARE ADDED, Their Names, Clafs, Order, Generic and Specific Characters, according to the celebrated LINN.ĻUS ; their Places of Growth, and Times of Flowering : TOGETHER WITH THE MOST APPROVED METHODS OF CULTURE. A WORK Intended for the Ufe of fuch LADIES, GENTLEMEN, and GARDENERS, as
Page 914 - plant is a native of the Cape of Good Hope ; and was
Page 930 - fingular plant may be allowed a place ; for, bearing flowers and fruit at the fame time, it is by no means void of beauty. Being of the natural order of ATRIPLICES of JUSSIEU, the
Page 883 - growing four or more in a whirl, and being longer in proportion to the fmall leaves, and by the flowers being folitary, whereas in cotinifolia they grow in a
Page 930 - and cultivated in kitchen gardens in Jamaica, as a palatable, wholefome green, is faid by THUNBERG to be in Japan extremely poifonous, though, according to
Page 908 - by wood. Is perfectly hardy. Flowers in April and May; but not with us, as in America, entirely before the appearance of the leaves.
Page 908 - over by Dr. ALEXANDER GARDEN, in 1756. It is a native of SouthCarolina, where it grows by the fides of rivulets
Page 901 - changing names, we entirely agree with our friend Dr. SMITH in the propriety of feparating thefe plants from CUCUBALUS bacciferus
Page 883 - nodofo. For this hitherto undefcribed fpecies of Euphorbia we are indebted to the Marquis of BLANDFORD, who obligingly communicated the
Page 930 - for the fake of its very nutritious root. It is remarkable for the different countries in which it

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