Birth of the Federal Constitution: A History of the New Hampshire Convention for the Investigation, Discussion and Decision of the Federal Constitution and of the Old North Meeting-house of Concord, in which it was Ratified by the Ninth State, and Thus Rendered Operative...on...the 21st of June, 1788

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Cupples and Hurd, 1888 - Concord (N.H.) - 128 pages

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Page 49 - State, and more effectually guard against an undue administration of the Federal Government, the Convention do therefore recommend that the following alterations and provisions be introduced into the said Constitution: First, That it be explicitly declared that all powers not expressly and particularly delegated by the aforesaid Constitution, are reserved to the several States to be by them exercised.
Page 113 - The idea that strikes those, who are opposed to this clause, so disagreeably and so forcibly, is, hereby it is conceived (if we ratify the Constitution) that we become consenters to, and partakers in, the sin and guilt of this abominable traffic, at least for a certain period, without any positive stipulation that it should even then be brought to an end.
Page 12 - He was also secretary of the state convention for forming the Constitution of the state, and of the convention for ratifying the Federal Constitution. Once he was chosen treasurer of the...
Page 51 - State enjoin it upon their Representatives in Congress, at all times, until the alterations and provisions aforesaid have been considered, agreeably to the fifth article of the said Constitution, to exert all their Influence and use all reasonable and legal...
Page 49 - ... of entering into an explicit and solemn compact with each other, by assenting to and ratifying a new Constitution, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic...
Page 49 - We therefore, the people of Massachusetts, acknowledging with grateful hearts the goodness of the great Legislator of the universe, in affording us in the course of His providence an opportunity, deliberately and peaceably without fraud, violence or surprise, of entering into an original, explicit and solemn compact with each other and of forming a new constitution of civil government for ourselves and posterity; and devoutly imploring His direction in so interesting a design...
Page 51 - That no standing army shall be kept up in time of peace, unless with the consent of three fourths of the members of each branch of Congress ; nor shall soldiers, in time of peace, be quartered upon private houses, without the consent of the owners. " XI. Congress shall make no laws touching religion, or to infringe the rights of conscience.
Page 100 - Lafayette, by Nathaniel G. Upham. Here were held conventions for the promotion of temperance. Here occurred, in 1834 and 1835, the memorable trials of Abraham Prescott, for the murder of Mrs. Sally Cochran, of Pembroke. Here was had that sharp political encounter between Franklin Pierce and John P. Hale upon the latter's leaving the Democratic party in 1845. The walls of no other house in New Hampshire resounded to so many lofty flights of eloquence as did those of our second meeting-house, from...

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