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After getting to know Robert personally,I realized that even when a person gets off of crack cocaine,they are forever a "crack head".Robert is still a manipulative,sneaky,no good crack addict.I do not trust him as he got hold of my cell phone,searched and read personal texts and emails,made up a story where I was a "drug dealer" and ratted me out to various people (police,doctor,etc) so he could get me out of an cottage he used to live in.Once he found out I was a straight guy,he was no longer friendly.He is not to be trusted by anyone,not even the police.How can he claim to help people but also use police as a threat that if you dont want or need his help, he will rat you out like a total goof.(if he cannot find illegal activities to coerce you into his treatment,he will just make up stories and relay his lies to his police buddies).Stay Away From Robert Moore,he is just a simple crackhead.  

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