The violin & its story: or the history & construction of the violin

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"The Strad" Office, 1905 - Violin - 119 pages
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Page iv - ADOLF BRODSKY writes—" I am delighted with the book and find it very instructive, even for those who think to know everything about the bow. It is very original and at times very amusing. No violinist should miss the opportunity to buy it." THE TIMES—' ' A useful treatise on the Bow, in which the history, manufacture and use of the bow are discussed with considerable technical knowledge.
Page xii - PAPINILondon, March 18th, 1903. DEAR MR. ALTHAUS, I read your book, "Advice to Pupils and Teachers of the Violin," with great interest, and find it very useful. Hoping your book will meet with the success it deserves, I am, yours sincerely, AUGUST WILHELMJ. London, Feb. 19th, 1903. DEAR MR. ALTHAUS, I have read with interest your admirable book, "Advice to Pupils and Teachers of the Violin.
Page x - PHOTO ETCHINGS, Illustrating the process of Violin-making in every stage — from the rough slab of wood to the finished Instrument. The text is written by an Actual Violin Maker, in a very clear and lucid style. "Popular lecture" style, with photographic illustrations.
Page ii - ... congratulate you sincerely on the manner in which you have performed a most difficult task, ie, to describe the best way of arriving at a correct manner of playing the violin. It cannot but be welcome to thoughtful teachers, who reflect on the method of our art, and I hope that your work will prove useful to many students. Believe me, my dear Mr. Courvoisier, to be most faithfully yours, JOSEPH JOACHIM. Berlin, November 3rd, 1894. The New and Revised Edition of " Technics of Violin Playing "...
Page xi - STRAP" LIBRARY. No. X. Crown 8vo., Cloth, 2/6, Post Free, 2/9. (DEDICATED, BY PERMISSION. TO DR. JOSEPH JOACHIM) THE VIOLIN MUSIC OF BEETHOVEN, Critically discussed, and Illustrated with over FIFTY MUSICAL EXAMPLES, BY J. MATTHEWS. ',* The book contains analytical and historical notes upon the Chamber Music of Beethoven, in which the violin takes part as a solo instrument, with some account of the various editions of the principal works; Beethoven's method of working, as shown by his Sketch Books,...
Page vii - ... leading artists of the day. ON FINGERING GENERALLY — The various positions — Scales recommended — The Modern Orchestral " Principal " or (so-called) Leader. ON GLIDING — Special Characteristics of some of the most Eminent Players. DOUBLE STOPPING — The main difficulty in Double Stopping — How to gain Independence of Finger. BOWINGS— Smooth Bowings — Solid Staccato — Spiccato— Spring; Bow — Mixed Bowings. TONE PRODUCTION — Character of Tone— Rules and Conditions necessary...
Page i - YEAR OF ISSUE. The Largest Circulation in the World of any paper amongst Violinists. THE STRAD A Monthly Journal for Professionals and Amateurs of all Stringed Instruments played with the Bow, Published on the First of every Month. Price 2d., Annual Subscription, Post Free, 2s. 6d.
Page vi - Cloth, 2/6, Post Free, 2/9. TECHNICS OF VIOLONCELLO PLAYING BY E. VAN DER STRAETEN. COPIOUSLY ILLUSTRATED. Copy of Letter received by the Author from the great 'cellist, SIGNOR ALFRED PIATTI. Cadenabbia, Lake of Como, March gth, 1898. DEAR SIR, — I received the book you kindly sent me on "The Technics of Violoncello Playing," which I found excellent, particularly for beginners, which naturally was your scope. With many thanks for kindly remembering an old ex-violoncello player. Believe me, yours...
Page xv - he reminds the readers of the many factors which go to the making of a fine violinist, among which Style — which is the outcome of the imagination and the sensibility of the player — is one of the most important. The fine executant is common enough now-adays, but the fine stylist as rare as ever.
Page ii - ' LIBRARY EDITION is the only Authorised Edition of Technics of Violin Playing ON JOACHIM'S METHOD BY CARL COURVOISIER, With Folding Plates, containing Fifteen Illustrations. :F:RO:M: [COPY.] MY DEAR MR. COURVOISIER : I have read the book on Violin Playing you have sent me, and have to congratulate you sincerely on the manner in which you have performed a most difficult task, ie, to describe the best way of arriving at a correct manner of playing the violin. It...

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