The Rudder, Volume 35

Front Cover
Thomas Fleming Day
Fawcett Publications, 1919 - Shipbuilding

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Page 118 - Department, a special excise tax to be based on each yacht or boat, at rates as follows : Yachts, pleasure boats, power boats, motor boats with fixed engines, and sailing boats, of over five net tons, length not over fifty feet...
Page 118 - In determining the length of such yachts, pleasure boats, power boats, motor boats with fixed engines, and sailing boats, the measurement of over-all length shall govern. In the case of a tax imposed at the time of the original purchase of a new boat on any other date than July first, the amount to be...
Page 220 - She [the steamer] was seen from the telegraph station at Cape Clear, on the southern coast of Ireland, and reported as a ship on fire. The admiral, who lay in the Cove of Cork, dispatched one of the king's cutters to her relief. But great was their wonder at their inability, with all sail in a fast vessel, to come up with a ship under bare poles.
Page 546 - A free-port zone may be defined as an isolated, enclosed and policed area, in or adjacent to a port of entry, without resident population, furnished with the necessary facilities for lading and unlading, for supplying fuel and ships...
Page 510 - ... which had in view the preservation of life and property from shipwreck on the coast. In 1871 a definite lifesaving system was inaugurated and administered, in conjunction with the Revenue Cutter Service, until June 18, 1878, when, as a consequence of the development and growth of the work and of its importance to commerce and humanity, Congress established the Life Saving Service as a separate organization.
Page 546 - ... stores, for storing goods, and for reshipping them by land and water ; an area within which goods may be landed, stored, mixed, blended, repacked, manufactured, and reshipped without payment of duties and without the intervention of customs officials.
Page 263 - It shall be unlawful to use a boat propelled in whole or in part by gas, gasoline or naphtha, or similar explosive medium, unless the same is provided with an under-water exhaust or muffler so constructed and used as to muffle the noise of the explosion. The provisions of this section shall apply only to tidal waters or the waters of this state wherein the tide ebbs and flows and shall not apply to boats competing in a race held under the direction of a duly incorporated yacht club or racing association.
Page 118 - July first, there shall be levied, assessed, collected, and paid, upon the use of yachts, pleasure boats, power boats, and sailing boats, of over five net tons, and motor boats with fixed engines, not used exclusively for trade or national defense, or not built according to plans and specifications approved by the Navy Department...
Page 547 - To prove the identity of goods on which drawback is claimed requires a minute checking of imported elements entering into the manufacture, with the right and oftentimes with the need of examining into factory management sometimes threatening the disclosure of trade secrets of importance. So complicated is the procedure in making claim and proving identity that many producers do not find it worth while to apply for drawback at all. Large-scale industries, like...
Page 505 - He shall examine the navigation laws of the United States and the rules and regulations thereunder, and make such recommendations to the Congress as he deems proper for the amendment, improvement, and revision of such laws, and for the development of the American merchant marine.

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