Proceedings - Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Parts 3-5

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The Institution, 1901 - Mechanical engineering
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Page 896 - It will sooner or later become insupportable to the employing classes to live in close and hourly contact with persons whose interests and feelings are in hostility to them. Capitalists are almost as much interested as labourers, in placing the operations of industry on such a footing, that those who labour for them may feel the same interest in the work, which is felt by those who labour on their own account.
Page 1384 - BINDING OF PROCEEDINGS. In compliance with a desire expressed by some of the Members that there should be a convenient arrangement for the uniform binding of the Institution Proceedings, the Council have selected a suitable dark cloth Cover with gilt lettering for the half-yearly volumes ; and have arranged that any Member sending his numbers of the Proceedings direct to the binders (not to the Institution) can have them so bound in their half-yearly volumes at the cost of fifteen pence per volume,...
Page 868 - ... 750 pence, giving the workman a premium = 150 pence or 2d. per hour, and the employer a reduced cost = 50 pence. Provided the time allowances are equitable to employer and employed, and based on the average attainments of hourly labour, it will be evident from the foregoing that the higher the premium earned by the workman the greater will be the saving in cost. The output of the machines is also increased, but it is a hard matter to put a value to this. Occasionally a piece of work is begun...
Page 1284 - Institution in 1888; and was also a Member of the Institution of Civil Engineers, and of the Institution of Naval Architects.
Page 867 - Department) is required, and when instituted, data accumulates very quickly. The period occupied in doing work under the usual time payment conditions may be accepted as the time allowance of the premium system. When a job is given to a workman, a job ticket is issued to him, with a description of the work to be done, and the time allowed to do it. On completion of the work the job ticket is initialled, and the time of day recorded on it by the foreman, and this is the time of commencing the next...
Page 797 - In a paper read before the Institution of Mechanical Engineers in 1888, Mr.
Page 548 - For diving the boats are fitted with horizontal aa well as vertical rudder, while at the same time a simple system of automatically arranging the disposition of water ballast is fitted to overcome any lack of horizontal stability consequent upon the diving action. Automatic means are also provided for determining the angle of diving or of rising to the surface, and to obviate submergence to excessive depths. At the same time band gear for most purposes is fitted.
Page 1289 - Magazine, owing to the tragic death of one of the authors, Mr. FP Pullar, since the paper was passed for press. On February 15, while several hundred persons were skating on Airthrey Loch, in the grounds of Airthrey Castle, near Bridge of Allan, the ice suddenly gave way, and a number of people were precipitated into the water. Mr. Pullar, who was a strong, muscular young man and a powerful swimmer, at once rushed to the rescue of those who were immersed, plunging into the water and floating ice...
Page 644 - ... knots ; the highest speed for large warships was 22 knots and is now 23 knots on a trial of double the duration of those of ten...
Page 804 - ... connection with superheated steam, it may be mentioned that, as there is no internal lubrication of the turbines, none of the usual difficulties which occur with reciprocating engines are met with in its employment. Also in steam turbines the absence of internal lubrication renders the exhaust steam absolutely free from oil, so that the water from the hot well can be returned to the boilers direct without oil filters. Special tests * have been made from time to time on turbine engines to verify...

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