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Page 614 - The hours and minutes of Right Ascension, and the degrees and minutes of Declination, are placed at the heads of the columns as constants, and belong equally to all the numbers below them. This arrangement has rendered it necessary, in numerous instances, to continue the seconds beyond 6o, as the width of the page would not permit of otherwise indicating any change in the minutes.
Page 609 - The time in this column shows the distance of the mean Sun from the meridian, at the instant when the true point of intersection of the ecliptic and equator (called the first point of Aries) is on the meridian of Greenwich ; and as the distance of the first point of Aries from the meridian, at the instant the mean Sun is on the meridian, is denominated Sidereal Time at Mean Noon, this may, by analogy, be termed the Mean Time at Sidereal Noon.
Page 607 - Immersion (Im.) denotes the instant of the disappearance of the Satellite, by entering into the shadow of Jupiter; and the Emersion (Em.) the instant of its reappearance at coming out of the shadow.
Page 577 - The Moon's Libration is here supposed to take place in the plane of her Orbit : — and by the time of the greatest Libration of her Apparent Disc is to be understood the...
Page 576 - Rings to the circle of Declination ; + East, — West. a' the apparent outer major axis of the outer Ring. V outer minor axis of the outer Ring ; + North surface visible. — South surface visible. a' — V — I the elevation of the Earth above the plane of the Ring, as seen from Saturn : + North, — South.

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