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Though I have no degree in psychiatry or psychology I can say for certain that all that has been said about synchronicity is nowhere on the mark. If considering a bulleye the arrow is on the outer edges of the target.
Consider the outer stellar universe as a symbolic representation of the dynamics of the collective unconscious; also consider, ego-consciousness is now acclimating itself to that playground. Thus synchronicity would not be special in any real sense if it was not for ego-consciousness' ignorance of its surroundings. It is only special if one is constantly awed by it. This is very similar to finding the 'earth' (ego-consciousness) in the midst of an infinite universe of galaxies. The earth (ego-consciousness) is in the midst of a symbolic representation of the inner and outer realities. This sychronization between the inner and outer stellar universe is what CG Jung called SYNCHRONICITY.
Walking out one's door to meet the world each morning the average person would be stunned to learn that the very street he lives on is a symbolic representation of St. John's New Jerusalem come down from heaven. It is an archetypal representation of a 10 x 10 matrix that exudes from the soul/psyche of each individual: isn't that synchronicity? As a bird build its nest, a spider it web, a bee its hive so does man build his cities.
Let us view another symbolic message this time from the immediate solar system. The earth is dragged around the sun similar to how the moon chases the earth. In other words the earth is attracted to the sun (gravity?) and is more or less repressing the moon in its wake. The Sun represents all that ego-consciousness chases in its daytime activities and the moon haunts the sleeper similar to how the shadow develops the dream. The stellar universe represent the collective unconscious mind.
This is why the fourth day of creation has the Sun, Moon and Star bringing light to the earth (soul/psyche) or it should be said imprinting light on the soul/psyche. In fact that word LIGHT in the Genesis creation account epitomises CG Jung's Transcendent Function.
The soul/psyche is incapable of any creative function outside of mimicking what it experiences. The whole purpose of existence in this corporeal realm is to experience and enjoy it.

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