The Dumpling: a detective love story of a great labour rising

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B. W. Dodge and Company, 1907 - Fiction - 339 pages
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Page 20 - That light we see is burning in my hall. How far that little candle throws his beams ! So shines a good deed in a naughty world.
Page 244 - Whosoever shall give to drink unto one of these little ones a cup of cold water only, shall in no wise lose his reward.
Page 12 - To dose and to muse, till I dreamed That we sailed through the sunniest places In a glorified galley, it seemed ; But the cabin was made of a carriage, And the ocean was Eau-de-Cologne, And we split on a rock labelled MARRIAGE, And I woke, — as cold as a stone.
Page 282 - Eliphaz, you will find that just in proportion as one is fitted to comfort another, is his own liability to overwhelming distress. To be a real comforter, a person must have profound sympathies ; but profound sympathies are always in association with keen sensibilities, and keen sensibilities expose their possessor to a depth of anguish, utterly unintelligible to ordinary souls. As is the capacity to be a heavenly comforter, such is the capacity to be an awful sufferer.
Page 90 - ... much regard for you personally and so much respect for your opinions that I cannot willingly suffer you to misunderstand me. I agree with you entirely in the principles you lay down in your letter to Mr. G. That the Gazette has "cut loose" from principle for the time being, I admit, but it is because for the first (and I hope last) time in my life, I believe the end aimed at will justify the use of anv means. We have the most unscrupulous set of scoundrels upon the face of the earth to deal with...
Page 101 - Somewhat doubtfully, but scarcely liking to disobey one who spoke with so confident an air, the man led the way to a door at the end of the hall, and was just about to knock when it opened, and I saw standing before me none other than my Lady of the Lake. " Forgive this intrusion," I said, " but I bring you news of your father.
Page 165 - ... masters and workmen have long felt that the root of the evils to which these relations are for ever giving birth, consists in the absence of any unity of interest between them, or rather in the entire diversity of interest which must exist, where it is the object of the employer to get from his men the greatest possible amount of work, at the least possible rate of wages. In what way to counteract the perpetual clashing of the selfish instincts of masters and men, is the great problem proposed...
Page 246 - England should do so: for the Church of England is the Established Church of the land, and...
Page 198 - I — love you. I loved you from the moment I saw you in the boat. I shall love you as long as ever I live.

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