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W. & L.E. Gurley., 1895 - Surveying
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Page 419 - Tables for Field Engineers. Designed for use in the field. Tables containing all the functions of a one degree curve, from which a corresponding one can be found for any required degree. Also, Tables of Natural Sines and Tangents.
Page 415 - ME). A Practical Treatise on Hydraulic Mining in California. With Description of the Use and Construction of Ditches, Flumes, Wrought-iron Pipes and Dams ; Flow of Water on Heavy Grades, and its Applicability, under High Pressure. TO Mining.
Page 419 - SHUNK, WF The Field Engineer. A Handy Book of practice in the Survey, Location and Track-work of Railroads, containing a large collection of Rules and Tables, original and selected, applicable to both the Standard and Narrow Gauge, and prepared with special reference to the wants of the young.
Page 414 - Rules of Geometry are familiarly explained; the Practical Problems are arranged from the most simple to the more complex, and in their description technicalities are avoided as much as possible.
Page 418 - WA Key to the Solar Compass, and Surveyor's Companion. Comprising all the rules necessary for use in the field ; also description of the Linear Surveys and Public Land System of the United States, Notes on the Barometer, Suggestions for an Outfit for a Survey of Four Months, etc.
Page 410 - HALF-HOURS WITH THE STARS: a Plain and Easy Guide to the Knowledge of the Constellations. Showing in 12 Maps the position oi the principal Star-Groups night after night throughout the year. With Introduction and a separate Explanation of each Map. True for every Year.
Page 99 - ... the image of the sun cannot be brought between the equatorial lines until the polar axis is placed in the plane of the meridian of the place, or in a position parallel with the axis of the earth.
Page 115 - Then carefully turn the arm half way over, until it rests upon the adjuster by the opposite faces of the rectangular blocks, and again observe the position of the sun's image. If it remains between the lines as before, the...
Page 417 - CE A Manual of Rules, Tables and / Data for Mechanical Engineers. Based on the most recent investigations. Illustrated with numerous diagrams.
Page 119 - If not, loosen the two flat head screws on the top of the hour circle, and with the hand turn the circle around until it does, fasten the screws again, and the adjustment will be complete.

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