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Jonathan Westphal
Hackett Publishing, 1995 - Philosophy - 154 pages
Table of contents - Plato, Knowledge and Opinion, from 'Republic'; - Augustine, Three Things True and Certain, from 'City of God'; - Aquinas, Whether Faith is More Certain than Science . . . ? from 'Summa Theologica'; - Descartes, Meditations I, II, VI, from 'Meditations'; - Leibniz, On the Method of Distinguishing Real from 'Imaginary Phenomena'; - Hume, Of the Academical or Sceptical Philosophy, from 'Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding'; - Reid, Reflections on the Common Theory of Ideas, from 'Essays on the Intellectual Powers of Man'; - Husserl, First Meditation; the Way to the Transcendental Ego, from 'Cartesian Meditations'; - Moore, Certainty, from 'Philosophical Papers'; - Wittgenstein, On Certainty, from 'On Certainty'; - Reichenbach, The Search for Certainty and the Rationalistic Conception of Knowledge, from 'The Rise of Scientific Philosophy'; - Malcolm, Do I Know I Am Awake? from 'Dreaming'; - Bouwsma, Descartes Evil Genius, from 'Philosophical Essays'; - Smullyan, Dream or Reality, from 5000 B.C. and Other Philosophical Fantasies; - Octavio Paz, Certainty, a poem from 'Configurations'.

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St Augustine Three Things True and Certain
G W Leibniz On the Method of Distinguishing
the Way to
G E Moore Certainty from Philosophical Papers
Ludwig Wittgenstein On Certainty from On Certainty
Hans Reichenbach The Search for Certainty and
Norman Malcolm Do I Know I Am Awake? from

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