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I haven't read the book, and quite honestly, don't want to. I do think it's funny though that the first review written was from someone criticizing "the crappy writer" of this book and can't even write a complete sentence themselves, much less, use proper punctuation. Good call moron!!!!

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I think conspiracies and all myths are just to keep people occupied, so they dont get bored and explore the world or realise we don't need to be govermented because we don't we are lead to believe that this is wrong and natural feelings we may feel through our lives are wrong well no this is wrong so this book and I could write a book a lot more interesting and exciting but more than all that the truth some thing that has become a myth
It could just be for money or to make some rich idiot gain energies of some kind.
We asking these kinds of questions lead to silly books being wrote and a crappy writer who hasnt a clue what real people want but just thinks... they know! When in actual fact just lies because the source of information is wrong or what I would really like to say is these kind of books should be swapped for a page from a book from the greatest library in the world, oh but it's not and all in all tables get turned and things happen! All in all ok example iPhones they make one leave a certain device off the phone so that way when they add it to the iPhone 6! You will all be like yeah I've got to get that and even if you have to have a loan to get it you will, but from a 1000 pounds worth of debt to get the phone but then through other debts you had to buy other things you just had to have, you will be paying these off for the rest of your life :( greed not good but god said what? Greed? which leads to the devil and ok basically this book has been written already it just has a different writer so look for the original

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For those of you who are not well educated regarding earlier versions of letter representation please be aware that in the 1700s and early 1800s the common representation of a lower case s in print looked very much like what we would call a lower case f today. Please refrain from negative comments about Google or publishers where this is concerned.
Respectfully -
Another User

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This is about Google or the Publisher, you are putting few pages to the reader not the entire book that to with letters jumbled up, every "S" is showing as "F".
This is disgusting and frustrating.
Google books .. no no no

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