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I Live milne winnie the phoo books:D:S:|:(:);):)<3:-=(=(=[=P=D=);-);-);):):-):D:-D:P:-P:]:-]:[<3:S:-S:/:-/:|:'(:(:-(;-):-):-)=):-D=D:-P=P:-]=]<3=[:-S=/:-/=(:'(:-():^_~(:^_^;D^.^;P^^;]-.-;[-_-;S*-*;/>_<;|>.<;(:-\:0(:-\>.<:0(>_<:0)*-*;O)-.--_-:O-.-O.O^^O_O^.^U_U^_^^_~

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Winnie the Pooh good story. Once upon a time there was a bear named winnie the pooh. The pooh loves honey. the honey pot is empty.Now pooh wants the honey and he is hungry. He need to follow the trees to find the honey hive. The pooh is scared. on his way he found that eyore lost its tail. Then Christopher Robin helps to find the tail.Mr.owl said there is note that, Christopher Robin is kidnapped by backson. Now Mr. Rabbit helps to fix the things to make a trap to catch backson and rescue Christopher Robin. Now Christopher Robin fixes the eyore's tail with nail and ribbon. Now pooh won the champion Honey pot.
They lived happily ever after.
The End

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