Herodotus, the Seventh, Eighth, & Ninth Books: pt. 1. Introduction. Book VII. (text and commentaries)-v. 1. pt. 2. Books VIII, and IX. (text and commentaries)

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Page 502 - No matter whether it was winter or summer, raining, snowing, hailing, or sleeting, or whether his 'beat
Page 806 - non tamen intus | digna geri promes in scaenam, multaque tolles | ex oculis, quae mox narret facundia praesens
Page 788 - a divinity that shapes our ends, rough hew them as we will.
Page 519 - Xerxes inflammasse templa Graeciae dicitur, quod parietibus includerent déos, quibus omnia deberent esse patentia ac libera, quorumque hie
Page 502 - he must be always ready to leap into the saddle and be
Page 502 - rode fifty miles without stopping, by daylight, moonlight, starlight, or through the
Page 606 - was the furthest point in Europe towards the setting sun to which this Persian army ever penetrated,
Page 788 - many things prove to me that the gods take part in the affairs of men,
Page 502 - like the wind ! There was no idling-time for a pony-rider on duty.
Page 773 - 72, Soph. ap. Strab. vi. 391), and empties itself into the Adriatic a little south of the site of Apollonia

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