Germany in MDCCCXXXI, Volume 2

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J. Macrone, 1836 - Germany
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Page 143 - O that this too too solid flesh would melt, Thaw, and resolve itself into a dew, Or that the Everlasting had not fix'd His canon 'gainst self-slaughter!
Page 85 - Music exalts each joy, allays each grief, Expels diseases, softens every pain, Subdues the rage of poison and the plague; And hence the wise of ancient days adored One power of Physic, Melody, and Song.
Page 124 - And oft he traced the uplands, to survey, When o'er the sky advanced the kindling dawn, The crimson cloud, blue main, and mountain gray...
Page 218 - Ave, Maria ; blessed be the hour, The time, the clime, the spot, where I so oft Have felt that moment in its fullest power Sink o'er the earth so beautiful and soft, While swung the deep bell in the distant tower, Or the faint dying day-hymn stole aloft, And not a breath crept through the rosy air, And yet, the forest leaves seemed stirred with prayer.
Page 188 - Catch, then, Oh ! catch the transient hour, Improve each moment as it flies ; Life's a short summer — man a flower : He dies— alas ! how soon he dies ! THE WINTER'S WALK.
Page 124 - And lake, dim-gleaming on the smoky lawn ; Far to the west the long long vale withdrawn., Where twilight loves to -linger for a while ; And now he faintly kens the bounding fawn, And villager abroad at early toil. But, lo ! the sun appears ! and heaven, earth, ocean, smile.
Page 132 - High-towering, sail along th' horizon blue : Where, 'midst the changeful scenery, ever new, Fancy a thousand wondrous forms descries, More wildly great than ever pencil drew, Rocks, torrents, gulfs, and shapes of giant size, And glitt'ring cliffs on cliffs, and fiery ramparts rise.
Page 133 - How true was the music of the Italian poet at that moment, to the elemental war which rattled over our heads, and of which the hoarse and crackling sounds were echoed from the Devil's Coffee-shops. Fortunately, at the time the storm came on, we had reached the point of the ravine where a restaurateur had established himself. We were happy, under the circumstances of the moment, to obtain the shelter of his humble roof, and still happier to find, after we entered, that, humble though it was, it afforded...
Page 209 - Fortune turned her back on me this day. I ought to have expected it; she is a female, and I am no gallant.
Page 171 - In the old part of the town, the streets are narrow and crooked; but in the new, they are broad, straight, and handsome.

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