The Trail of Lewis and Clark, 1804-1904: A Story of the Great Exploration Across the Continent in 1804-6; with a Description of the Old Trail, Based Upon Actual Travel Over It, and of the Changes Found a Century Later, Volume 1

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Page 39 - In all your intercourse with the natives, treat them in the most friendly and conciliatory manner which their own conduct will admit; allay all jealousies as to the object of your journey; satisfy them of its innocence; make them acquainted with the position, extent, character, peaceable and commercial dispositions of the United States ; of our wish to be neighbourly, friendly, and useful to them, and of our dispositions to a commercial intercourse with them...
Page 288 - Towards evening the men in. the hindmost canoes discovered a large brown bear lying in the open grounds, about three hundred paces from the river: six of them, all good hunters, immediately went to attack him, and concealing themselves by a small eminence, came unperceived within forty paces of him : four of the hunters...
Page 7 - Irresolution and deliberation are no longer in season. I renounce Louisiana. It is not only New Orleans that I will cede, it is the whole colony, without any reservation. I know the price of what I abandon...
Page 37 - Pacific ocean, should also be fixed by observation, and the course of that water to the ocean, in the same manner as that of the Missouri.
Page 104 - He knew that he had now to run for his life, with the dreadful odds of five or six hundred against him, and those armed Indians ; therefore cunningly replied, that he was a very bad runner, although he was considered by the hunters as remarkably swift. The...
Page 37 - Several copies of these as well as of your other notes should be made at leisure times, & put into the care of the most trust-worthy of your attendants, to guard, by multiplying them, against the accidental losses to which they will be exposed. A further guard would be that one of these copies be on the paper of the birch, as less liable to injury from damp than common paper.
Page 285 - Captain Lewis, who was on shore with one hunter, met about eight o'clock two white bears. Of the strength and ferocity of this animal, the Indians had given us dreadful accounts : they never attack him but in parties of six or eight persons, and even then are often defeated with the loss of one or more of their number.
Page 64 - While he lived with me in Washington, I observed at times sensible depressions of mind, but knowing their constitutional source, I estimated their course by what I had seen in the family.
Page 39 - ... people, whether with hospitality or hostility, so is it impossible to prescribe the exact degree of perseverance with which you are to pursue your journey. We value too much the lives of citizens to offer them to probable destruction.
Page 36 - Your situation as Secretary of the President of the United States has made you acquainted with the objects of my confidential message of...

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