James Russell Lowell: A Biography, Volume 1

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Houghton, Mifflin and Company, 1901 - Authors, American
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Page 122 - deeds for country and mankind. And for success, I ask no more than this, — To bear unflinching witness to the truth. All true whole men succeed ; for what is worth Success's name, unless it be the thought, The inward surety, to have carried out A noble purpose to a noble end, Although it be the gallows or the block ? 'T is
Page 430 - And put on her looks and ways. "Were it mine, I would close the shutters As you smooth the lids of the dead, And the funeral fire should wind it, This corpse of a Home that is dead! " For it died that summer morning When she, its soul, was
Page 430 - But (I think) the house is unaltered — I will go and ask to look At the rooms that were once familiar To my life as its bed to the brook. " Unaltered! alas for the sameness That makes the change but more ! How estranged seems the look of the
Page 202 - The rattle of thy shield at Marathon Did with a Grecian joy Through all my pulses run : But I have learned to love thee now Without the helm upon thy gleaming brow, A maiden mild and undefiled, Like her who bore the world's redeeming child." And in the next number of the paper he had an article on
Page 3 - now at the house of one, and now at another, and making themselves merry with music and the dance — living in prosperity, united and happy, until, alas! this ruinous war severed them, and left all their houses desolate, except two, the proprietors of which were also soon obliged to flee.
Page 384 - There would be no dispute about the advantages of that Greek culture which Schiller advocated with such generous eloquence, if the great authors of antiquity had not been degraded from teachers of thinking to drillers in grammar, and made the ruthless pedagogues of root and inflection, instead of companions for whose society the mind must put on her highest mood.
Page 430 - This corner, you know, is your seat;' ' Rest your slippers on me,' beamed the fender, ' I brighten at touch of your feet.' "' We know the practised finger,' Said the books, ' that seems all brain,
Page 430 - How grates my foot on the floor! " To learn this simple lesson Need I go to Paris or Rome, That the many make a household, But only one the Home ? " 'T was a smile, 't was a garment's rustle, 'T was nothing that you could phrase, But the whole dumb dwelling
Page 144 - I cannot tell you what this revelation was. I have not yet studied it enough. But I shall perfect it one day, and then you shall hear it and acknowledge its grandeur. It embraces all other systems.
Page 117 - Prometheus "] in the ottava rima to be the first in my forthcoming volume. I feel more and more assured every day that I shall yet do something that will keep my name (and perhaps my body) alive. My wings were never so light and strong as now. So hurrah for a niche and a laurel.

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