Bradshaw's illustrated hand-book for travellers in Belgium, on the Rhine, and through portions of Rhenish Prussia, Volume 12

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Page 155 - Above me are the Alps, The palaces of Nature, whose vast walls Have pinnacled in clouds their snowy scalps, And throned Eternity in icy halls Of cold sublimity, where forms and falls The avalanche — the thunderbolt of snow ! All that expands the spirit, yet appals, Gather around these summits, as to show How Earth may pierce to Heaven, yet leave vain man below.
Page xxvi - Rubens stands in the esteem of the world is alone a sufficient reason for some examination of his pretensions. His fame is extended over a great part of the Continent, without a rival: and it may be justly said that he has enriched his...
Page 199 - HUNDRED BED-ROOMS, AND TWENTY SALOONS, in every Variety ; Large and small Apartments for families, elegantly furnished ; Saloons for Official receptions; Conversational and Reading Rooms; Coffee and Smoking Divan; Baths; Private Carriages; Omnibuses; Restaurant; Service in the Apartments, a la Carte, or at fixed prices.
Page 212 - Mourning, are always kept made up ; and a note, descriptive of the relation of the parties to the deceased, will ensure at any time the proper supply of Mourning...
Page 212 - MOURNING, for either the Family or Household, may be had here, and made up, if required, at the shortest notice, whilst the attendance of competent persons connected with the Establishment upon families of rank, and of every respectable...
Page 178 - Easily folded to cany in the Pocket or on Saddle, obviating the stickiness and unpleasant smell peculiar to all other Waterproofs. Price, 42s.; all Silk throughout, 50s.
Page 5 - And they whom human succour could not save, Here, in its precincts, found a hasty grave. And here, on marble tablets, set on high, In English lines by foreign workmen traced, The names familiar to an English eye, Their brethren here the fit memorial placed; Whose unadorned inscriptions briefly tell Their gallant comrades
Page 212 - Proprietors of this Establishment, in respectfully addressing themselves to the attention of the Nobility, the Gentry, and the Public, beg leave to renew their thanks for the extraordinary patronage they continue to receive.
Page 184 - WOOD stated that Dr. J. COLLIS BROWNE was undoubtedly the Inventor of CHLORODYNE ; that the story of the Defendant FREEMAN was deliberately untrue, which, he regretted to say, had been sworn to." — See Times, I3th July, 1864. Sold in Bottles at is. ijd., as. gd., 4s. 6d., and us. each None is genuine without the words. " Dr. J. COLLIS BROWNE'S CHLORODYNE
Page 85 - ... that can render an earthly object magnificent and charming, in the same degree as the Rhine. As it flows down from the distant ridges of the Alps, through fertile regions into the open sea, so it comes down from remote antiquity, associated in every age with momentous events in the history of the neighbouring nations.

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